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Quantinuum Demonstrates Quantum Scaling Breakthrough

New approach to the “wiring problem” may offer a path to commercially viable quantum computers

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

March 8, 2024

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Quantinuum's H2 processor.
Quantinuum's H2 processor. Quantinuum

Quantinuum researchers have demonstrated a new approach that solves two critical roadblocks that hinder the development of large-scale quantum computers. These are known as the wiring problem and the sorting problem.

Quantum computers need more error-corrected qubits to be able to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems in fields including sustainability, drug discovery and material science. However, simply adding more qubits does not make them more powerful, they need to be efficiently integrated.

The wiring problem in quantum computing comes about because each qubit needs its own set of individual control signals, sometimes up to 20. This is not scalable to large numbers of qubits as a quantum computer with a million qubits would need 20 million wires, which would be physically impossible.

The sorting problem does not apply to all quantum computing paradigms, but some are most efficient when they offer all-to-all connectivity which means the qubits need to be able to move.

Quantinuum's approach uses a combination of a fixed number of analog signals and a single digital input per qubit, significantly minimizing the required control complexity. This method, coupled with a uniquely designed 2D trap chip, enables efficient qubit movement and interaction and offers a potential path to scalability, minimizing the control complexity also simplifies the interface between quantum and classical systems, accelerating the development of hybrid quantum algorithms and facilitating faster access for real-world applications. 

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“This is a significant milestone not only for Quantinuum but for the entire quantum industry, propelling us into an era of widespread quantum commercialization,” said Quantinuum chief commercial officer Nash Palaniswamy.

"Our team's groundbreaking work paves the way for building larger and more powerful quantum computers, enabling businesses to harness the transformative power of this technology and unlock real-world solutions across various sectors.” 

Quantinuum intends to incorporate its findings in the development of its next H-series quantum computer, the upcoming H3 model.

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