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Applications include water resource management, ice-sheet monitoring and locating mineral resources

John Potter

January 16, 2024

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Q-CTRL quantum dual gravimeter
A Q-CTRL quantum dual gravimeter. Q-CTRL

Q-CTRL has teamed up with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to use quantum computing and sensing technologies for geophysics and environmental sensing challenges.

The USGS, known for researching Earth systems and providing scientific data for disaster preparedness and resource management, will work with Q-CTRL under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

Q-CTRL specializes in quantum control engineering, crucial for developing practical quantum computers and sensors. It plans to use its technology to tackle challenges in quantum computing and sensing, paving the way for new applications in USGS missions. 

The partnership aims to harness quantum technology for environmental science and geophysics, focusing on developing practical solutions for water resource management, ice-sheet monitoring, natural-hazard preparedness and the discovery and utilization of energy and mineral resources.

The program will use advanced quantum techniques, including quantum gravimetry and magnetometry, to offer new insights and solve complex problems. This includes early hazard detection, subsurface monitoring of water resources and cost reduction in resource production, all of which have significant economic and strategic value. 

“The USGS geophysics and computational community is excited to be exploring quantum sensors and tools with industry. Combined with other enabling technologies, quantum sensors may dramatically improve the ability to detect and assess resources and hazards in the undiscovered country of planetary subsurfaces, on our own world and beyond. This is a frontier that will require public, private and international partners together to explore, and we are delighted to be exploring with Q-CTRL," said USGS National Innovation Center director Jonathan Stock.

Q-CTRL and the USGS stated that they are committed to ethical principles and responsible innovation and that as the partnership evolves, they will maintain a strong focus on scientific integrity and global community benefits.

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