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PsiQuantum, Mitsubishi Tap Quantum for Sustainable Technologies

Joint project aims to better predict the properties of molecules for novel photonic materials

John Potter

January 30, 2024

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PsiQuantum, MUFG and Misubishi Chemical are exploring quantum for sustainable technologiesGetty

PsiQuantum, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) and Mitsubishi Chemical Group are collaborating on a project to simulate the excited states of photochromic molecules. The venture aims to advance sustainable technologies, including smart windows, solar cells and energy-efficient data storage.

The 'Qlimate' initiative aims to use fault-tolerant quantum computing to expedite the innovation of scalable, energy-efficient materials, pushing the boundaries of current computational capabilities in material science.

Mitsubishi Chemical wants to explore how quantum computing can contribute to estimating properties of diarylethenes, key organic molecules for energy-efficient photoswitching. It currently uses standard methods like density functional theory that can fail to accurately predict the optical properties of materials.

The company plans to combine its experience in computational chemistry with PsiQuantum’s expertise in quantum computing to advance the study of these complex systems. The goal is to develop new, more efficient photonic materials.

“This partnership will leverage our team’s unique know-how and Mitsubishi Chemical’s expertise in photochromic materials. We are grateful for MUFG’s visionary support in our mission to deploy high-impact quantum computing solutions to fight climate change,” said PsiQuantum head of solutions Philipp Ernst

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