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Nvidia Launches Cloud Quantum Simulation Service for Research

Quantum Cloud enables building quantum applications including simulators and quantum-classical hybrid tools

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

March 20, 2024

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Nvidia is opening its cloud quantum service to researchersGetty

Nvidia has made its quantum simulation platform available through major cloud providers to help researchers explore quantum applications in fields including chemistry, biology and materials science.

Announced at the company’s GTC event, Nvidia Quantum Cloud is based on the company’s open-source CUDA-Q quantum computing platform. It is delivered as a microservice, meaning software composed of small independent services that communicate over APIs. This enables users to build and test new quantum algorithms and applications in the cloud, including simulators and tools for hybrid quantum-classical programming.

“Quantum computing presents the next revolutionary frontier of computing and it’s going to require the world’s most brilliant minds to bring this future one step closer,” said Nvidia director of HPC and quantum computing Tim Costa.

“Nvidia Quantum Cloud breaks down the barriers to exploring this transformative technology and lets every scientist in the world harness the power of quantum computing and bring their ideas closer to reality.”

Quantum Cloud integrates several third-party tools to support research applications. These include the Generative Quantum Eigensolver, developed in collaboration with the University of Toronto. This is a quantum algorithm for quantum chemistry, quantum simulations and optimization problems. It uses large language models (LLMs) to find the ground-state energy of a molecule more quickly.

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Nvidia is using its CUDA-Q open-source platform to integrate with quantum software company Classiq’s tools. This will help quantum researchers to generate large, sophisticated quantum programs.

Quantum Cloud will also integrate with QC Ware’s Promethium, a GPU-powered chemistry simulation platform that tackles complex quantum chemistry problems such as molecular simulation.

Nvidia has more than 160 partners in its quantum computing ecosystem including quantum computing companies IQM Quantum Computers, OQC, ORCA Computing, qBraid and Quantinuum.

The cloud service providers integrating Quantum Cloud into their services include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Nvidia has opened Quantum Cloud for early access by researchers exploring quantum.

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