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Nord Quantique Unveils New Technique for Scalable Qubit Error Correction

Technology could suit applications in materials science and pharmaceutical industries

John Potter

February 14, 2024

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The Nord Quantique team.
The Nord Quantique team. Nord Quantique

Quantum computing startup Nord Quantique has announced a breakthrough in quantum error correction. The company said it has developed a unique method of enhancing qubit coherence lifetime by 14% at the individual qubit level, without relying on the traditional method of adding numerous physical qubits.

Nord Quantique’s advancement suggests that their quantum computers could require fewer resources for error correction, making them more efficient and scalable. Simulations suggest that with more qubits, the error correction efficiency will likely improve even further.

The company's method allows for the correction of common quantum computing errors at the individual qubit level, potentially requiring far fewer physical qubits compared with other models. Additionally, when scaled, Nord Quantique's system is expected to operate at megahertz frequencies, faster than some othe technologies.

“There is a consensus in the industry that useful quantum computing cannot be achieved without error correction,” said Nord Quantique president and CTO Julien Camirand Lemyre.

“Our team at Nord Quantique is very proud to be the first company to extend the lifetime of a logical qubit without a large overhead of physical qubits dedicated to error correction, as most other systems have. After years of diligent work, this demonstration marks the first major milestone on our journey to error-corrected, fault-tolerant quantum computing,”

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Nord Quantique's strategy, which encompasses efficient error correction, high computational speed and scalability, favorably positions the company for applications in materials science, the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors that demand advanced calculations. By reducing the need for a large number of physical qubits for error correction, the company aims to accelerate the realization of practical quantum computing applications.

The technique's core innovation lies in its potential for scaling. Enabling error correction within the qubit itself paves the way for each physical qubit to function as a logical qubit. This is achieved through the strategic use of microwave photons and superconducting cavities, combined with precision in microwave pulse control.

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