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Korea Quantum Computing to Deploy IBM Quantum System Two

Companies team to offer quantum architecture, watsonx and training to users in Korea

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

February 2, 2024

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IBM's System Two quantum computer
IBM's System Two quantum computerIBM

Korea Quantum Computing (KQC) is expanding its existing collaboration with IBM to offer access to IBM's global fleet of utility-scale quantum systems over the cloud.

The agreement includes deploying an IBM Quantum System Two at KQC’s headquarters in Busan by 2028.

Under the agreement, KQC's user base would also have access to IBM's full-stack solution for AI, including enterprise AI and data platform watsonx.

"We are excited to work with KQC to deploy AI and quantum systems to drive innovation across Korean industries,” said IBM senior vice president and director of research Darío Gil.

“By having the opportunity to access IBM quantum systems over the cloud, today — and a next-generation quantum system in the coming years — KQC members will be able to combine the power of AI and quantum to develop new applications to address their industries' toughest problems.”

KQC is also collaborating on contributions to Korea’s quantum computing ecosystem with Korean organizations working in the financial, bio-healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Dankook University Hospital is working with KQC on quantum healthcare and Hanlim Pharmaceutical has started joint drug discovery research. Korean AI financial software startup Dneuro is developing quantum algorithms in option pricing and portfolio optimization.

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“KQC is providing versatile computing infrastructure in Korea through our collaboration with IBM,” said KQC chair Ji Hoon Kweon.

“Our robust hardware computing resources and core software in quantum and AI are poised not only to meet the growing demand for high-performance computing but also to catalyze industry utilization and ecosystem development. We are working to diligently enhance services and infrastructure through this collaboration as well as with our industry-specific partners.”

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