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JPMorgan Chase Implements Quantum-Secured Network

The high-speed, crypto-agile system connects two Singapore data centers

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

May 10, 2024

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JPMorgan Chase researchers have successfully implemented a high-speed, quantum-secured crypto-agile network (Q-CAN), connecting two data centers over existing fiber optic cable.

The demonstration was conducted in an air-gapped environment over 29 miles of deployed telecom fiber across Singapore and achieved 45 days of continuous operation.

Quantum-safe communication is an increasingly pressing issue as large-scale quantum computers could break the cryptography used to secure transmissions.

“The development of large-scale quantum computers currently poses one of the most significant and large-scale threats to cybersecurity standards, compelling users and practitioners to rethink the way that they protect sensitive infrastructure and information,” the team said.

According to the company, the experiment successfully demonstrated using quantum key distribution (QKD) to secure multiple independent, high-speed virtual private networks over a single 100 Gbps fiber.

The researchers also established a third node they are using to test next-generation quantum technologies applicable to banking and finance.

"We are investing in quantum security to help ensure our readiness as quantum technologies are maturing. We are preparing a dual remediation strategy that incorporates both post-quantum cryptography and QKD,” said JPMorgan Chase global chief information officer Lori Beer. 

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“This deployment of a high-speed quantum-secured crypto-agile network could enable novel security features beyond secure key exchange. Importantly, with this new development, we have taken QKD out of the lab and demonstrated that it can support high-speed private networks in production-level environments for financial services.”

JPMorgan Chase previously collaborated with Toshiba and Ciena to demonstrate the viability of the first QKD network, ensuring security for mission-critical blockchain applications.

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