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India Launches Quantum Technologies Long-Term Roadmap

Plan for technology, applications and standards targets domestic quantum computers by 2034

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

January 23, 2024

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India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has launched a 14-year roadmap for developing quantum technologies.

The roadmap elaborates on the $735 million National Quantum Mission (NQM) the government launched in April 2023. It splits down the overall effort into seven main quantum technology areas:

  • Computing

  • Simulation

  • Cryptography/cybersecurity

  • Communication

  • Sensing and metrology

  • Strategic applications

  • Standardization

Cybersecurity takes the highest priority, with all goals having a completion target of 2028. These developing public key infrastructures, authentication services, encryption serves and cryptographic random number generation. Other targets for this date are the simulation of superconducting materials and the standardization of cryptographic devices. Standardization of quantum computers, sensors and other devices is scheduled for 2033.

The next milestone date of 2034 should see proprietary algorithms for quantum communications, new molecules discovered by quantum simulation and quantum technology adapted for specific use by the military.  This is also the deadline for the simulation of spintronics, and the R&D effort to develop quantum computers, sensing and metrology.

By the roadmap end date of 2047, India plans to have proprietary quantum computing algorithms, hardware and accelerators, and to be using quantum simulation to develop new materials. The government intends to have the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to develop new quantum technologies. The roadmap singles out wanting to develop new materials for military and strategic purposes and strengthen network-centric warfare.

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India’s Ministry of Science and Technology has also issued a call for pre-proposals to set up thematic hubs, with four expected to be in quantum fields supporting the NQM. These include quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing and metrology, and quantum materials and devices.

The move is a part of the national strategy to build a skilled workforce and encourage research and development in quantum technologies, which is considered an area of strategic importance.

Alongside quantum computing, the ministry has also issued national roadmaps for cyber forensics, mobile security, cryptography, and Internet of Things security. They all span from now until 2047, a date that marks the centenary of Indian independence.

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