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IBM Launches 433 Qubit-Plus Osprey Quantum Processor

Next-generation System Two quantum computer to follow in 2023

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

November 9, 2022

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An image showing the layers of IBM's 433-qubit Osprey processor.
IBM has unveiled its 433-qubit Osprey processor.IBM

IBM launched its hotly anticipated 433-qubit “Osprey” quantum processor at the IBM Quantum Summit 2022 in New York today.

The company also disclosed that its next-generation System Two quantum computer would come online next year, and that Bosch and Vodafone were among the companies that recently joined the IBM Quantum Network.

Osprey Processor Offers 433 Qubit Power

Osprey has more than three times the qubits of its 127-qubit predecessor Eagle that the company launched in 2021.IBM says this gives it the potential to run complex quantum computations beyond the computational capability of any classical computer.

As the number of qubits increases, processing power increases incrementally, meaning the number of classical bits needed to represent a state on the Osprey processor exceeds the total number of atoms in the known universe.

“The new 433 qubit 'Osprey' processor brings us a step closer to the point where quantum computers will be used to tackle previously unsolvable problems,” IBM senior vice president and director of research Dario Gil said.

“We are continuously scaling up and advancing our quantum technology across hardware, software and classical integration to meet the biggest challenges of our time, in conjunction with our partners and clients worldwide. This work will prove foundational for the coming era of quantum-centric supercomputing.”

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IBM Quantum System Two Due Next Year

IBM’s quantum roadmap includes plans for of 4,000 qubit processors by 2025 and more beyond that, which the current systems will be unable to support. IBM has an update on its Quantum System Two, which is expected to be online by the end of 2023. It will use a modular architecture that can combine multiple processors into a single system with communication links.

IBM Quantum Network Expansion

German tech conglomerate Bosch has joined the IBM Quantum Network to explore using quantum computing-based simulation technology to find alternatives to the rare earths and metals needed for electric vehicles.

Multinational telco Vodafone also recently joined to explore quantum computing and quantum-safe cryptography and French bank Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale to explore use cases in financial services, 

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computers risk breaking even the most secure encryption technology. IBM’s efforts to tackle this include offering the AI-driven z16 cybersecurity system with quantum-safe technology and contributing post-quantum cryptography algorithms for the National Institute of Standards and Technology's goal for standardization by 2024. 

At the summit, IBM and Vodafone announced a collaboration to explore how to apply IBM's quantum-safe cryptography across Vodafone's technology infrastructure. 

Summing up the event, IBM fellow and VP of IBM Quantum Jay Gambetta said: “The IBM Quantum Summit 2022 marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the global quantum computing sector, as we advance along our quantum roadmap. As we continue to increase the scale of quantum systems and make them simpler to use, we will continue to see adoption and growth of the quantum industry.

“Our breakthroughs define the next wave in quantum, which we call quantum-centric supercomputing, where modularity, communication, and middleware will contribute to enhanced scaling computation capacity, and integration of quantum and classical workflows.”

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