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Honeywell Protects Smart Utility Meters with Quantum Technology

Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin uses quantum encryption to harden critical infrastructure against data breaches

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

September 8, 2023

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Honeywell is protecting its smart utility meters with Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin technology. Honeywell

Honeywell has integrated quantum-computing-hardened encryption keys into smart utility meters, saying it is the first company to do so.

The company is using Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin technology, which generates keys with quantum-computer-enhanced randomness, making them unpredictable and enhancing end-user data security.

Honeywell has made its Smart Energy and Thermal Solution products enhanced with Quantum Origin available to customers in North America and Europe.

It says that protecting against data breaches in this way also helps ensure the uninterrupted operation of gas, water and electricity utility infrastructure for residential and commercial applications.

“By integrating Quantinuum’s quantum-computing-hardened encryption technology into our smart meters, we’re advancing data security for our customers and shaping the dialogue on how the utility industries should approach cybersecurity in the quantum era,” said Honeywell president of smart energy and thermal solutions Hamed Heyhat.

“This integration underscores the necessity for continuous innovation to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. It is a level of protection that is imperative in our increasingly digital and interconnected world.”

The utilities industry is increasingly under threat of data breaches that, in a worst-case scenario, could be disastrous to critical infrastructure. Quantum-hardened encryption is one step towards ensuring the security of supply.

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“Robust cybersecurity requires a multifaceted approach, taking advantage of the latest technologies,” said Quantinuum president and chief operating officer Tony Uttley.

“Our work with Honeywell demonstrates the importance of using the power of today’s quantum computers to create a more resilient cyber infrastructure to better protect customers.”

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