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OVHcloud inaugurates Quandela quantum computer, grants free access to students

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

March 20, 2024

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OVHcloud commissioning ceremony
OVHcloud has commissioned the first Quantum computer available from a European cloud service provider.OVHcloud

Cloud provider OVHcloud has inaugurated the first quantum computer available from a European cloud service provider to provide autonomy for the European quantum ecosystem.

OVHcloud purchased the Quandela MosaiQ quantum computer in 2023, in support of France’s “Choose French Tech” program.

The MosaiQ system is a modular, upgradable photonic quantum computer available from two qubits up to 12 photonic qubits.

OVHCloud intends to offer access to European organizations seeking to invest in quantum technology for optimization, simulation and security. The company will also use it for its internal research and development projects to advance new security techniques, test new concepts to support future applications by industrial organizations. Applications include cryptography, molecular simulation and optimization of transport and logistics.

“Through the acquisition of the MosaiQ quantum computer developed by the French start-up Quandela, the French company OVHcloud illustrates the strengthening of our digital sovereignty. It embodies the dynamism of our quantum research ecosystem,” said French minister of higher education and research Sylvie Retailleau.

“OVHcloud's approach is remarkable, at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and will also benefit selected French higher education and research establishments to benefit from computing hours.”

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Free Access For Students

OVHcloud has also announced an educational program to grant free access to its quantum service to select students from higher education institutions and universities, including the members of the QuanTEdu-France consortium.

Students would get free cloud access to OVHcloud’s Quandela QPU plus 80 hours of access to the company’s quantum notebooks – open-source software with accompanying documentation that can be read in a browser – including notebooks from quantum computing companies Alice & Bob, C12, Eviden, Pasqal and Quandela.

“We are convinced that quantum is a technology for the future and we have shown unwavering support to ensure Europe doesn’t miss the next technological revolution. With the arrival of this first quantum computer in our data center, we are pleased to make it accessible to students through the cloud, sending a clear signal of support to the broader ecosystem, playing our part in strengthening Europe’s strategic and technological autonomy,” said OVHcloud CEO Michel Paulin.

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