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Deloitte, World Economic Forum Launch Quantum Readiness Toolkit

Guidelines aim to help organizations to help stay ahead of quantum threats to cybersecurity

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

July 5, 2023

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A person passing in from of the WEF logo at a forum
The WEF has issue guidelines for companies to stay quantum-safe. World Economic Forum/Benedikt Von Loebell via Flickr

Deloitte and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have released guidance to help organizations prepare for the cybersecurity threat posed by near-term quantum computers.

The new report, Quantum Readiness Toolkit: Building a Quantum Secure Economy, is a set of steps designed to enable enterprises to respond to the risks set out in the white paper the WEF released last year Transitioning to a Quantum-Secure Economy.

"The Forum has developed specific messaging for executive leaders to help mitigate quantum risk. This is important as many discussions on this topic get bogged down about when a quantum computer will be available to mount these types of attacks,” said Deloitte U.S. managing director of cyber risks Colin Soutar.

“The dialog should be much more about preparing today while you still have time so that quantum risk can be methodically mitigated and businesses can continue to thrive without fear of disruption.”

The new paper outlines five principles businesses and organizations should follow when building their quantum security readiness:

  • Ensure the organizational governance structure institutionalizes quantum risk

  • Raise quantum risk awareness throughout the organization 

  • Treat and prioritize quantum risk alongside existing cyber risks

  • Make strategic decisions for future technology adoption

  • Encourage collaboration across ecosystems

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The WEF said protecting the digital economy and data from quantum computer attacks requires a cohesive, cross-border approach that integrates government support with individual organizations' support as they test strategies and identify what works.

It said businesses should take a multi-pronged approach, including empowering the quantum cybersecurity team with executive support and mandates, upskilling talent and requiring quantum security provisions in new or renewed product contracts.

"As we make rapid strides towards the quantum era, it is crucial for leaders to ensure that security risks don't come in the way of realizing the transformative potential of the technology,” said WEF Center for Cybersecurity head of industry and partnerships Akshay Joshi.

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