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Dell Launches Toolset to Better Integrate Quantum Computers

Quantum Computing Solution enables organizations to incorporate quantum into established data centers

John Potter

November 17, 2022

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Dell Quantum Computing Solution supports integration of quantum computing into existing infrastructure.Dell

Dell has introduced a way for organizations to integrate quantum computing into their existing classical computer infrastructure. Dell Quantum Computing Solution aims to accelerate machine learning and natural language processing and helps customers quickly develop new algorithms for complex use cases including chemistry and materials simulation and natural language processing

The solution uses the Dell classic quantum simulator operating on PowerEdge servers and enables quantum workloads to run on-premises or in the cloud. It integrates with Qiskit Dell Runtime, a platform for running hybrid classical-quantum algorithms in local and remote execution environments, and IonQ’s Aria quantum platform. However, Dell Quantum Computing Solution is currently only available in the US and Canada.

The move comes as part of a move by Dell Technologies to expand its high-performance computing (HPC) product line to help boost business innovation. The new product offerings aim to make HPC more accessible to businesses, enabling them to leverage the large amounts of data they generate daily. 

Dell Technologies vice president of portfolio and product management for PowerEdge, HPC and Core Compute Rajesh Pohani said that customers increasingly view advanced computing capabilities as the best way to gain a competitive advantage. 

"New Dell Technologies servers and solutions give businesses of all sizes access to technologies once only accessible for the world's largest research institutions and government agencies, allowing them to tackle HPC, ease AI adoption and propel their businesses forward," Pohani said.

CEO of privately-held cloud computing company Constant, J.J. Kardwell, commented: “It’s essential that we deploy technology to support the most demanding AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing workloads."  

Other Dell product launches as part of this package include:

  • Dell PowerEdge server additions, for promoting advanced modeling and datasets. 

  • Dell APEX High-Performance Computing, for speeding innovation and discovery.

  • Dell Validated Design for HPC – Risk Assessment, for faster, more efficient risk assessment.

Dell said this package is designed to support artificial intelligence, big data and quantum computing capabilities. 

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