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D-Wave Teams with Deloitte Canada for Public Sector Use Cases

Company also announces 1,200 qubit quantum computer

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

January 25, 2024

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D-Wave and Deloitte Canada are targetting government use cases. Getty

D-Wave is partnering with Deloitte Canada to explore quantum computing use cases for government users and businesses in Canada in support of Canada’s national quantum strategy.

The companies aim to accelerate the adoption of near-term quantum technologies, such as annealing quantum computing and quantum-hybrid, to tackle key computationally complex public sector challenges.

“D-Wave has been working with Deloitte in the United States on a variety of different use cases related to transportation and national security,” said D-Wave vice president of growth Irwan Owen.

“We are excited to be expanding our relationship into Canada and bringing the computational power of quantum to help transform the Canadian government’s operations and fuel innovation.”

The types of public sector problems Deloitte and D-Wave aim to address include optimizing infrastructure and transportation, making the energy grid more reliable and improving emergency response. They will use quantum computing alongside other technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing for greater computational power to solve complex problems.

“Governments have the challenging mandate to deliver services to industry and citizens in an increasingly complex and changing environment. Emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, can play an important role,” said Deloitte Canada transport sector leader for the government and public services industry Andrew Pau.

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D-Wave Launches 1,200-qubit Advantage2 for Quantum Optimization

D-Wave has also released details of its prototype 1,200+ qubit Advantage2 quantum computer and plans to make it available to users via its Leap real-time quantum cloud service.

It features a lower-noise, multilayer superconducting integrated-circuit fabrication stack, which the company says gives it improved performance in solving hard optimization problems. This could make it particularly powerful for machine learning.

The technology upgrades in the new prototype have demonstrated reduced errors in quantum simulations and a longer coherence time – the time a qubit maintains its state.

“The new Advantage2 prototype represents a giant step up in performance,” said D-Wave senior vice president of quantum technologies and systems products Mark W. Johnson.

“With the new lower-noise fabrication stack, we’re seeing significant gains in coherence, connectivity, and energy scale, which will translate to higher-quality and faster solutions. This 1,200+ qubit prototype gives us great confidence that the full Advantage2 system will be our most performant system yet and unlock substantial computational power and problem-solving capabilities for our customers.”

D-Wave intends its final sixth generation Advantage2 quantum system to feature 7,000 qubits with a new qubit design.

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