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Companies Team to Protect Encrypted Data Using Quantum

Mitsui and Eaglys to use Quantinuum’s encryption keys to allow organizations to safely share data and AI models

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

December 13, 2023

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The partners aim to enable research institutes and businesses to securely collaborate using each other's data and AI models.Getty

A new collaboration among technology companies will use quantum computing-powered encryption to enable research institutes and businesses to securely collaborate using each other's data and AI models.

Japanese data security company Eaglys, trading and investment company Mitsui & Co. and Quantinuum have integrated Quantinuum’s quantum-enhanced cryptographic key generation platform Quantum Origin into Eaglys’ secure computation product DataArmor. The move aims to strengthen the platform against the threat of future quantum computers against encrypted data.  

DataArmor maintains the confidentiality and security of sensitive data and AI models using homomorphic encryption, a technology that allows analysis to be performed on data while still encrypted. This protects encrypted data from being revealed when shared, safeguarding organizations and their intellectual property against cyber threats.  

Eaglys has now integrated Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin, which uses quantum computing processes to strengthen encryption keys into its Quantum-Resistant Data Analytics (AI) Platform. This aims to protect DataArmor against the threat of a quantum-computing-based attack, including “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, where malicious actors steal and store encrypted data until quantum computers are powerful enough to decrypt it.

Research institutes and businesses increasingly need to collaborate using each other's data and AI models to accelerate innovation in chemical materials development, drug discovery, financial analysis and retail trends. Quantum Origin’s protection against quantum computing-powered attacks will further enforce the ability of DataArmor to maintain confidentiality and security.  

The three companies now plan to develop a series of use cases using this platform.  

“Hardening encryption keys is critical to protecting sensitive data in the post-quantum era, and Quantum Origin is the world’s only technology that provably strengthens key generation,” said Quantinuum head of cybersecurity Duncan Jones. “By integrating Quantum Origin, Eaglys is future-proofing the security and integrity of its customer's data.”

“This collaboration is an important initiative for our business and will enhance our homomorphic encryption platform, enabling us to create new value for our customers through AI and data in a highly secure environment,” said Eaglys founder and CEO Hiroki Imabayashi. “By deploying the quantum-resilient AI platform together with the three companies, we hope to further increase customer value through secure data sharing and AI in the chemical, medical, financial, and retail industries.”

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