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Chinese Companies Banned from Importing US Quantum Tech

The US Commerce Department has added 22 organizations that could misuse quantum advancements

May 15, 2024

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The U.S. Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has added 22 organizations from China to its export control “entity list.”

The government adds companies and research organizations to the list to control the export of sensitive technologies.

It aims to maintain national security by ensuring adversarial nations do not acquire sensitive technologies that could pose a threat through technological advancements and military enhancements.

The Biden administration has so far added 355 Chinese entries to the list, more than any prior administration.

The 22 institutes and firms added this week were included for their participation in China’s quantum technology advancements and for acquiring or attempting to acquire U.S.-origin items to enhance China’s quantum capabilities.

“This measure is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that international trade does not compromise our national security,” said assistant secretary for export administration Thea Kendler.

“By controlling exports to these entities, we reinforce the integrity of our national security apparatus.”

The Disruptive Technology Strike Force, co-led by BIS and the Department of Justice, regularly updates the list to target illicit actors, strengthen supply chains and protect critical technological assets from being acquired or used by nation-state adversaries.

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The list is used alongside export control measures to prevent the acquisition of advanced technologies, such as quantum computing, that could be used for destabilizing military capabilities.

Drones and high-altitude surveillance balloons were among other technologies included in the latest update.

“Preventing Chinese companies from acquiring technologies that enable the People’s Republic of China’s quantum, drone and high-altitude surveillance programs is critical to protecting U.S. national security,” said assistant secretary for export enforcement Matthew S. Axelrod.

“Adding companies to the entity list is a key tool that the Disruptive Technology Strike Force leverages to prevent U.S. advanced technology from misappropriation.”

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