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China Plans to Launch 72-qubit Quantum Computer

Origin Quantum Wukong processor is scheduled to go online in July

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

June 13, 2023

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An Origin Quantum quantum computer
Origin Quantum's Wukong processor boasts 72 qubitsOrigin Quantum

China expects to launch its newest quantum computer, named Wukong, in July, according to media reports. Developed by the first quantum computing company in China, Origin Quantum, the 72-qubit computer will go online after its final testing phase, said company general manager Zhang Hui.

Last November, IBM launched its 433-qubit Osprey, the world’s fastest quantum computer to date. 

Chinese researchers publicly admit the quantum divide with Western researchers.

Zhang said China lags behind the US in developing superconducting chips and conventional semiconductors, two critical high-tech fields for constructing quantum computers. He added that China leads on patents and papers registered, however.

China cannot produce superconducting chips using electron-beam lithography. Japan is the global leader in the technology and has decided to follow America’s lead in limiting China's access to sophisticated superconducting chip production equipment.

Citing publicly available statistics, Zhang recently suggested that China is three to four years behind countries that have developed the most advanced quantum hardware. Additionally, he noted that China and the US have different industrial applications for quantum computing.

China is making significant investments in quantum computing and AI, now that the US has banned China from acquiring the most advanced chips and chip-manufacturing machinery.

In February 2023, Origin Quantum shipped a 24-qubit quantum computer, making China the third country to have created and delivered quantum computers.

This month, Origin Quantum and state-owned Shanghai Supercomputer Center announced plans to establish an innovative technology hub connecting supercomputers with quantum computers.

Origin Quantum vice president Dou Meng said Origin Quantum plans to set up its second quantum center in Shanghai as there is enormous growth potential in the Yangtze River Delta region.

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