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Accenture, SandboxAQ Collaborate on Quantum-AI Cybersecurity

Accenture is working with SandboxAQ to advance cybersecurity solutions using AI and quantum computing.

John Potter

January 16, 2024

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SandboxAQ and Accenture will deliver the Security Suite AI-enabled cryptographic solution. Getty

Professional services company Accenture is working with SandboxAQ to advance cybersecurity solutions using AI and quantum computing. They aim to address growing concerns among executives about adapting to rapid technological advancements and innovations in AI, as highlighted in recent Accenture research.

The companies plan to deliver SandboxAQ’s Security Suite AI-enabled cryptographic solution that can scan files, applications and network traffic, ensuring data security across various platforms, including cloud services. The initiative is an important step in defending against quantum computing-based decryption attacks, which are expected to pose significant challenges to encryption systems as quantum technology evolves.

“Cyberattacks are on the rise and are severely impacting enterprises and governments,” said SandboxAQ CEO Jack Hidary.

“With Accenture, we’ll be able to provide comprehensive cryptographic management solutions that will protect their clients against both current and future threats. We will also be working with Accenture on other products including next-gen AI simulation.”

Accenture and SandboxAQ are working on their first joint project to assist a global nonprofit health organization in mitigating quantum risks. Their approach involves enhancing the organization’s quantum security strategy and identifying vulnerable cryptographic protocols across its networks. This is expected to reduce operational costs and deployment time for critical health solutions.

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Accenture has developed an eight-step post-quantum roadmap and is collaborating with leading technology providers. These initiatives, including the SandboxAQ partnership, aim to equip clients with advanced technology for data and communication security.

The company has also developed a Quantum Security Maturity Index, enabling organizations to assess their quantum security infrastructure and pinpoint areas needing enhancement.

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