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2024 Quantum Ecosystem: Use Cases, Business Impact, Future of Work

A roundup of predictions for the enterprise impact of quantum computing in the year ahead

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

January 3, 2024

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The Port of Los Angeles form the air
The Port of Los Angeles implemented an early quantum use case. Port of Los Angeles

As quantum computing edges toward providing commercial value, its business impact will become increasingly significant. In 2023, we started to see concerns related to quantum – such as its potential to break the encryption businesses currently rely on for secure communication – balanced by the positive value demonstrated by real-life use cases. More will follow in 2024, thanks to easier-to-access hybrid architecture and improved error correction.

Enter Quantum has collected quantum ecosystem predictions from experts to see what they expect in the coming year and what it means for quantum adopters. 

D-Wave vice president of global government relations and public affairs Allison Schwartz 

We are seeing this increased view on the importance of quantum and what it can do today. I think there's going to be exponential growth in people's understanding of the capabilities and the positive side that quantum will bring. It's no longer this fear about post-quantum cryptography, but how it is impacting us today.

Folks don't realize it, but in Canada, there's an e-commerce grocery delivery app that uses hybrid quantum to optimize its delivery service.  And if you bought something that came through the Port of Los Angeles, quantum might have touched that. There are ways in which quantum is touching our lives that most people don't realize.

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D-Wave President and CEO Alan Baratz

Quantum computing will show proven value and utility in daily business operations through in-production applications. As we close 2023, companies are beginning to go into production with quantum-hybrid applications, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to see corporations using quantum solutions daily for ubiquitous business challenges such as employee scheduling, vehicle routing, and supply chain optimization. In time, it will become a part of every modern IT infrastructure, starting with the integration of annealing quantum computing.

With economists projecting a shallow recession in 2024, organizations will seek new technologies, such as quantum computing, to navigate adversity and bolster business resilience. Quantum technologies can accelerate problem-solving and decision-making for a wide range of common organizational processes, such as supply chain management, manufacturing efficiency, logistical planning, and employee scheduling. Amidst a challenging economic environment, quantum’s ability to fuel operational efficiencies is critical.

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Berenice Baker

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