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Tata Consultancy Services Launches AWS Enterprise Quantum Lab

Early use cases include quantum portfolio optimization for financial advisors

John Potter

November 30, 2022

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TCS is using quantum for financial portfolio optimization.Getty

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a quantum computing lab on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for enterprise customers seeking to solve complex business problems. 

The lab allows businesses to pursue research and development through Amazon Braket, Amazon's fully managed quantum computing service. Enterprises using Amazon Braket will also be able to test quantum algorithms on simulated quantum computers that operate on the AWS cloud platform. 

TCS, a multinational information technology services and consulting company, will combine its technical expertise with quantum computing to help clients build software that evaluates risk, ensures secure communications and predicts customer behavior.  

TCS’s AWS business unit global head Krishna Mohan said that the company already has several clients in pilot mode for quantum use cases. One example is a portfolio optimization solution that lets financial advisors use quantum computing in real time.

"We have developed for a few of our existing asset management companies and investment banking companies a solution using quantum computing on optimization where you take real scenarios, real-time input from the market, micro and macroeconomics, and reduce the time to create a portfolio mix by almost 80 percent," he said.

The company's quantum computing team comprises over 200 people, many of whom are experts in both quantum computing and AWS Braket. TCS has regularly collaborated with startups and established technology providers on quantum computing research since first investing in the field four years ago.  

"The TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS enables customers to evaluate with agility, the true potential of what quantum technology can realize for their core business operations,” said Mohan.

“It provides a collaborative ecosystem to ideate, incubate, and test new ideas on Amazon Braket. Our customers can jumpstart their quantum computing journey by taking advantage of the investments TCS has made in this powerful technology, backed by our strong partnership with AWS.”

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