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T-Systems to provide access to IBM quantum computing resources

Customers will be able to access IBM’s 127-qubit Eagle processor via the cloud

John Potter

March 29, 2023

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An IBM quantum computer
T-Systems customers will have access to IBM's Eagle quantum processor. IBM

T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, has announced that it will provide its customers with cloud-based access to quantum computers including several using IBM’s 127-qubit Eagle processor.

The company will also provide insights and training on using IBM’s quantum computer to get customers up to speed. Access will be available in various customizable service plans, from one-day introductory sessions to multi-month business case proofs-of-concept. This training will provide enterprises with a foundation for developing and implementing quantum computing use cases.

“We are combining quantum and classical computing in a seamless and scalable customer experience,” said T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh. “Taking these first decisive steps will lower the access barrier to quantum computing. In IBM, we have a trusted partner to deliver this future technology. It is a perfect match for our industry focus and expertise.”

IBM aims to lower barriers to quantum computing by providing public access to its quantum computational resources via the cloud, including Qiskit Runtime. Using Qiskit, customers can optimize and effectively execute workloads on quantum systems at scale.

Consequently, T-Systems will be able to promote greater familiarity with quantum computing while simultaneously developing and testing customer use cases. In the future, T-Systems plans to eventually host its own quantum infrastructure with IBM’s help.

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Ultimately, T-Systems intends to incorporate quantum computing into its portfolio to expand its leadership position in advisory, cloud services, and digital solutions in selected industries and outside its immediate markets.

“Organizations around the world are beginning to explore how quantum computing will impact their industry and business. By partnering with T-Systems as a cloud provider, we will be able to offer access to quantum technology to an even broader ecosystem,” said IBM vice president of quantum adoption and business development Scott Crowder.

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