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Project with Posco to investigate how quantum computing could help make steel manufacturing greener, improve batteries

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

July 11, 2023

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Members of Posco, Pasqal and Qunova's management teams on stage.
Posco, Pasqal and Qunova aim to use quantum computing to improve steelmaking processes. Pasqal

Quantum computing companies Pasqal and Qunova Computing are working with South Korean steel company Posco to investigate how quantum could improve steelmaking processes.

Researchers at Posco’s New Experience of Technology Hub intend to integrate their AI technology with Pasqal’s quantum computing algorithms to address use cases aimed at improving the steelmaking process. These include optimizing an eco-friendlier steelmaking process and developing secondary battery materials.

"Quantum computers have the potential to implement computing tasks that would be intractable with classical means," said Pasqal CEO Georges-Oliver Reymond.

"We expect to secure quantum computing technology through cooperation with Pasqal and utilize quantum computing technology for the group's main business, steelmaking, and eco-friendly future material technology development," added the head of Posco’s New Experience of Technology Hub Kim Ji-yong.

Korea’s National Research Foundation selected Posco as a national project in April as part of its quantum advantage challenge research project. The company won $2 million over three years from the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.

Posco plans to use quantum computers to develop technologies that increase the accuracy of material characteristics analysis, such as solid electrolytes, and reduce the time required.

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Pasqal is based in France and was cofounded by Nobel prize-winner Alain Aspect, and Qunova Computing is the first quantum computer venture company in Korea, which specializes in developing software for the development of new materials.

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