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Multiverse, Tech Mahindra Partner to Offer Quantum Solutions

The companies plan to offer solutions to finance, health care, logistics, manufacturing and government sectors

August 9, 2023

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Multiverse Computing and Tech Mahindra aim to offer their customers access to quantum solutions. Getty

Quantum software company Multiverse Computing and IT services company Tech Mahindra are partnering to incorporate quantum computing in customer solutions.

The companies both have a global base of customers across sectors including finance, health care, logistics, manufacturing and government. The partnership will enable them to carry out joint quantum research and development while helping their client base understand what the technology can offer.

Tech Mahindra currently specializes in infrastructure, cloud services, augmented reality and virtual reality, through the partnership aims to enhance its expertise in AI and quantum computing.

“Tech Mahindra understands the challenges that customers in every sector are facing, and they see the potential and new opportunities that quantum computing brings,” said Multiverse Computing CEO and co-founder Enrique Lizaso Olmos.

“We will combine their technical and customer knowledge with our quantum software expertise to solve difficult business problems.”

Tech Mahindra has a global network of Makers Labs with a different deep-tech focus, including one in Ipswich, U.K., which studies quantum computing and networks. Tech Mahindra also has an internal quantum team and recently published a white paper on quantum computing and supply chain management.

“The new era of computing is algorithmic. Quantum computing is no longer a far-off dream. Quantum-inspired algorithms are now helping AI to perform and optimize better,” said Tech Mahindra Makers Lab global head Nikhil Malhotra.

”Our partnership with Multiverse Computing stands on the same principle. While Multiverse Computing brings with itself the depth of algorithmic computing, Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab brings with it the fundamental and translation research of applying the same to businesses and their problems.”

One of the products the companies will offer is Multiverse’s Singularity, a quantum and quantum-inspired software-as-a-service platform that enables users to create financial optimization algorithms via a spreadsheet plug-in.

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