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KPMG, Microsoft, Quantinuum Simplify Quantum Algorithms

QIR Alliance members claim quantum compiler will accelerate quantum computing adoption

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

March 27, 2023

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A Quantinuum ion trap processor
The project outputs Q# code optimized for Quantinuum’s 20-qubit System Model H1-1 quantum computer. Quantinuum

Quantinuum and Microsoft Azure Quantum have developed a quantum “compiler” for KPMG’s quantum team that translates a high-level programming language into a quantum algorithm.

The project used Microsoft’s Q# quantum programming language, which does not require developers to understand quantum states or circuits and helps blend classical and quantum operations for hybrid algorithms.

KPMG’s quantum team, led by director of quantum technologies Michael Egan, wanted to translate an existing algorithm into Q#. The team developed an algorithm writer that outputs Q# code optimized for Quantinuum’s 20-qubit System Model H1-1 quantum computer while making the most of that particular system’s capabilities.

The code is now available for end users on Microsoft’s Azure portal, representing the first time the platform has made code from a third party available.

Azure Quantum principal product manager Fabrice Frachon described the new Azure Quantum capability as “a key milestone to unlock a new generation of hybrid algorithms on the path to scaled quantum computing.”

The companies are members of QIR Alliance, a cross-industry international effort to enhance platform interoperability and make quantum computing more useful to engineers and developers.

QIR offers an interoperable specification for quantum programs and supports cross-compiling quantum and classical workflows that can be used in hybrid use cases. Industry experts agree that most applications for quantum computing will be via hybrid platforms.

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