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European Quantum Ecosystem Gets $66M Cash Injection

National Growth Fund boosts Netherlands’ contribution to trilateral quantum agreement with France and Germany

John Potter

July 11, 2023

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Global leaders at a meeting of the trilateral quantum initiative.
Global leaders at a meeting of the trilateral quantum initiative. Quantum Delta NL

Quantum Delta NL, the Netherlands’ national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, has secured a $66.2 million investment from the country’s National Growth Fund as the Dutch contribution to the trilateral agreement with France and Germany. The joint program aims to strengthen strategic R&D connections across borders to accelerate the development of the European Quantum Technologies Industry.

France, Germany and the Netherlands are among the leading EU member states in terms of their respective research and development (R&D) ecosystems, startup ecosystems and the maturity of their national quantum programs. The three countries aim to accelerate the European innovation system by combining their resources through collaborative efforts that build upon their respective areas of expertise.

In April, Dutch and French CEOs of photonics, semiconductor and quantum technologies companies agreed that there was an urgent need for the three countries to join forces. Their priorities are to bolster European capital investments, build a robust internal market for quantum and create resilient supply chains in today’s geopolitical context.

The National Growth Fund will split its $66.2 million investment into two parts.

Firstly, the three countries will use the fund to establish dedicated centers of excellence. These centers will provide shared facilities and resources for businesses, researchers and startups to collaborate on projects within their specific domains of expertise.

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Secondly, the money will accelerate joint technology programs for a select group of international, interdisciplinary quantum projects in combination with equity investments for businesses developing quantum computing, sensing and communication technologies. The three nations will select the top projects via a joint proposal request.

Several conditions must be met before this additional international program can begin, including hard financial commitments from other member states and effective global and national governance. To prepare for the final execution phase, Quantum Delta NL will conduct a midterm review of its original 2021-2028 program. The National Growth Fund committee will then evaluate this proposal independently of the international program.

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