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Use cases and industry updates reflect the key themes from 2022

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

November 3, 2022

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Berenice Baker on the Quantum Com0utng Summit stage
Enter Quantum's use cases and industry updates reflect the key themes from 2022.Informa Tech

Enter Quantum launched in 2022, a pivotal year for the quantum computing industry. Real-life use cases and policy began to emerge as quantum edged closer to becoming a mainstream commercialized technology.

Enter Quantum editor Berenice Baker recounted articles that exemplify some key quantum computing themes that have emerged over the past 12 months at Quantum Summit Austin.

Enter the giants

Baker said that this year saw some of the biggest names in tech throw their weight behind quantum.

Alphabet spun out Sandbox AQ, IBM pledged to invest $20 billion, and Fujitsu has sought to bring machines to Japan by next April.

These commitments have been enabled through new levels of government support and investment supporting early projects.

The U.K. pledged an R&D budget of $48 billion over the next three years, including a significant investment in quantum, while President Biden’s CHIPS Act available included funds to help expedite the lab-to-market process for quantum projects.

“It is a sign that a new technology has legs when governments get involved, not just to provide funding but also legislation and an ecosystem in which it can thrive,” said Baker.

Hardware, hardware, hardware

Quantum computers have been making it out of the lab or vendors’ premises and into onsite computer centers in the course of 2022.

Not surprisingly government organizations got there first. The British Ministry of Defense has bought a room-temperature quantum computer from Orca Computing. It plans to use it for complex machine learning and optimization tasks, including image analysis, handwriting recognition and decision-making.

“Not to be outdone, the US Air Force Research Laboratory is building its own,” said Baker. “It’s working with PsiQuantum to develop quantum photonics chips together to make a utility-scale quantum computer.”

Outside of the military, IBM is installing a System One quantum computer at the academic medical center the Cleveland Clinic. This is the first private sector, onsite, IBM-managed quantum computer in the U.S. and the first quantum computer dedicated to health care.

Now for use cases

Nvidia has thrown its hat into the quantum ring with a toolkit designed for drug discovery. Similarly, Quantinuum has developed tools for chemists. Baker said that quantum computing has even opened up an entirely new field of quantum network medicine.

BMW’s sensor placement problem caused a splash but may not immediately affect car design. However, Hyundai is looking to quantum to solve complex self-driving car problems.

“The environment and sustainability are significant targets for quantum projects, and the UN is looking to forecast extreme weather,” said Baker. “And weather is just one of the complex, interconnected factors QCI will take into account with its drone flight path program.”

And beyond!

Baker finished by saying: “We don’t know exactly what’s coming for quantum computing in 2023, but based on what’s happened this year we have, possibly, a clearer idea than ever before. One thing is for certain, it’s going to be an exciting ride.”

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