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DARPA Seeks Expert Input on Quantum-Classical Hybrid Computing

Project to investigate hybrid solutions to defense, security optimization challenges

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

March 15, 2023

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DARPA is seeking expert input on hybrid computer systems to solve difficult defense challenges. DARPA

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is seeking expert input on advanced hybrid computer systems to solve difficult defense, security and industry optimization challenges through its advanced research concepts (ARC) initiative.

Fault-tolerant commercial quantum computers are years away, but enterprises are achieving practical results using current noisy, intermediate-scale quantum devices (NISQ) combined with classical computers. This is known as hybrid quantum/classical computing.

DARPA is launching the Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow (Impaqt) project as part of a live ARC webinar on April 11. Panelists are expected to include government experts, university professors and industry-leading quantum hardware providers as well as participate in live question-and-answer sessions.

“We’re billing the webinar as a help day for quantum algorithmists,” said DARPA innovation fellow Alex Place, who is leading the event.

“Building on the successes of DARPA’s optimization with NISQ devices program, the webinar’s goal is to spark innovative ideas and discuss new concepts for making near-term intermediate-scale quantum computers, as well as sought-after fault tolerant processors, practical and useful for solving real problems. We’re encouraging teams from academia and industry who have expertise in quantum algorithms or a practical problem that could be mapped to a quantum processor to engage with Impaqt.”

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The ARC initiative is designed to accelerate innovation by rapidly exploring and analyzing a high volume of promising new ideas. Impaqt is the first ARC topic to be explored.

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