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Canadian Armed Forces Releases Quantum Strategy

Seven-year Quantum 2030 roadmap aims to ensure readiness for quantum technologies in defense

John Potter

April 5, 2023

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The DND/CAF Plan aims to ensure the armed forces are ready to meet the disruptive potential of quantum.Getty

The Canadian Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) have unveiled their Quantum Science and Technology Strategy Implementation Plan, Quantum 2030.  The DND/CAF Plan serves as a seven-year roadmap to ensure the armed forces are ready to meet the disruptive potential of quantum technologies in defense. 

The implementation plan includes five calls to action for DND/CAF, including identifying anticipated users of quantum technologies, training personnel for a fundamental understanding of quantum, coordinating investments, gaining access to cutting-edge technology, and engaging industry and academia.

Quantum technologies could be used in the military for a variety of purposes, such as positioning, navigation, and timing in areas where GPS is ineffective, the development of CBRN threat sensors, secure communication and code-breaking, and the development of advanced materials and medical research.

The DND/CAF seeks to be an early adopter, collaborate with allies and maintain an advantage over potential adversaries through research and development into emerging technologies and countermeasures.

The  implementation plan includes five recommendations for DND/CAF:

  • Identify who is expected to use quantum technologies within DND/CAF

  • Train personnel for a base level of understanding of quantum, known as quantum literacy

  • Harmonize quantum investments across DND/CAF

  • Access state-of-the-art technology through innovation programs

  • Engage industry and academia.

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Quantum 2030 identifies four promising quantum technologies with defense and security applications and lays out a seven-year plan to develop prototypes ready for field testing by 2030.

  • Quantum-enhanced radar

  • Quantum-enhanced light detection and ranging (LiDAR)

  • Quantum algorithms for defense and security

  • Quantum networking

The three phases of the seven-year plan are personnel recruitment and training, scientific research, and field testing and demonstrations.

The National Quantum Strategy of the Government of Canada, released in January 2023, and Quantum 2030 are both extensions of the DND/CAF Quantum Science and Technology Strategy, which was published in January 2021.

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