Robots, Connected Cars, Smart Things Featured at CES 2023

Well-known brands including Canon, Google, Bosch, Hisense, Siemens, Intel, LG Electronics, Nikon, Samsung, TCL and Voxx are presenting

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

January 3, 2023

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The annual mega tech show CES kicks off here in Las Vegas this week, providing a glimpse of what consumers can expect to see for new and innovative products over the next year.

About 100,000 attendees from around the world are expected, up from around 45,000 last year, as the expo continues its bounce-back road from the pandemic.

Well-known brands including Canon, Google, Bosch, Hisense, Siemens, Intel, LG Electronics, Nikon, Samsung, TCL and Voxx are presenting, along with major keynotes by the heads of companies including BMW and John Deere.

Advances in TV technology and home entertainment systems are scheduled to be shown as well as various advancements in health care, robotics, virtual reality and all sorts of connected objects.

Connected objects comprise a wide range of “smart” things at this show, including a smart bird feeder from Bird Buddy, a smart ring by Movano Health, smart glass by Halio and a smart bike by True Kinetik.

Some off-beat products always show up at CES, such as this year’s electric inline skates by Atmos Gear and the electric snow bike by Moon Bikes.

Numerous companies are touting that their new product either won or received an honorable mention in the CES 2023 Innovation Awards (I was one of the judges), calling worthy attention to some of the best new products being launched. 

The Indy Autonomous Challenge, which we covered at last year’s CES, again will take to the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where fully self-driving cars will race at speeds of more than 190 miles an hour. We’ll be getting an advance look at the cars and university contestants well in advance of the race.

Startups and country-featured companies will again be at Eureka Park, the downstairs part of the Venetian Hotel convention facility.

While some of the new products launched here may never see the light of day, others can become mainstream for millions of consumers around the world. 

The market is about to get its first look and start the decision process. And that’s what CES is all about.

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Chuck Martin

Editorial Director AI & IoT

Chuck Martin, author of "Flying Vehicles," New York Times Business Bestselling author and futurist, is Editorial Director at Informa Tech, home of AI Business, IoT World Today and Enter Quantum. Martin has been a leader in emerging digital technologies for more than two decades. He is considered one of the foremost emerging technology experts in the world and his latest book title "Flying Vehicles" (The Emergence of Personal Air Travel, Flying Cars, and Air Taxis) followed "Digital Transformation 3.0" (The New Business-to-Consumer Connections of The Internet of Things).  He hosts a worldwide podcast titled “The Voices of the Internet of Things with Chuck Martin,” where he converses with top executives from the companies driving the adoption of emerging technology.

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