New Software Solution for EV Charging Management

The digital twin-based platform gives operators and utilities the ability to simplify planning and operations

Adam Swift

February 7, 2022

1 Min Read
Image shows electric vehicles charging station with trucks in the background.
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Itron has launched a first-of-its-kind software to simplify electric vehicle charging for utilities and other EV charging operators, while also decreasing costs. 

The digital twin-based platform allows EV charging assets, such as EV charging stations, to work in harmony with the grid. The company plans to initially focus on fleet management to address location constraints, before expanding into other areas. 

Itron’s EV Charging Optimizer is available globally and is charger and vehicle agnostic and cloud-based. It integrates EV charging management and grid management systems to provide comprehensive EV charging and energy management for utilities and operators while maintaining grid reliability, resiliency and efficiency. 

Don Reeves, Itron’s senior vice president of outcomes, said for the electrification of transportation to accelerate, the barriers for EV charging deployment need to be removed. 

“As the new vehicle fuel, energy and power must be managed within an ecosystem of DERs (distributed energy resources) to fully realize the economic benefits of electrification,” said Reeves. “Grid integration needs to be intelligently planned to ensure stakeholder needs are met for all parties.”

“This will allow utilities to optimize their grid investments in EV charging enablement and end customers to better manage their energy fuel costs,” Reeves added. 

The EV Charging Optimizer solution can save customers more than 35% on their energy costs through managed charging and can save utilities more than 20%, according to Itron officials.

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