IoT World Announces 2021 IoT World Advisory Board

IoT World is announcing its 2021 advisory board, with a focus on driving the insights from leaders across the ecosystem to advance the IoT conversation.

December 9, 2020

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By IoT World Sfaff

IoT World, the organizers of IoT World events, publishers of IoT World Today media and Omdia IoT research insights is announcing its 2021 esteemed IoT World Advisory Board. The board will focus on driving insights from leaders across the ecosystem and implementers to progress the direction of content across the IoT World Series of world-renowned conferences, exhibitions, media publication and research insights.

The IoT World Advisory Board will act as high-level knowledge experts, representing the entire IoT ecosystem. IoT World will work closely with the advisors specializing in specific horizontals, for relevant events, media and products – members will provide valued input and feedback to guide the product roadmap such as conference programs, editorial and research calendars, and ensure that value is delivered to customers.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Market developments. This segment focuses on diversity and inclusion, training and standards.

  • Security. This segment focuses on  how to ensure that risks are mitigated, and devices, data and networks are protected across all industries.

  • Industrial IoT. This segment focuses on reinventing the future of manufacturing, driving Industry 4.0 with smart and connected manufacturing.

  • Connectivity. This segment focuses on IoT is enhancing the network with the rise of 5G, as well as improving devices with the cloud.

  • Artificial intelligence. This segment focuses on connecting machines and analyzing data, creating insight with machine learning.

  • Edge computing. This segment focuses on building the right infrastructure and devices while saving costs with real-time data at the edge.

  • Embedded IoT. This segment focuses on technical implementations and designing embedded systems to successfully integrate IoT solutions.

  • Ecosystem and the channel. IoT as a key enabler to connect the ecosystem across the channel, creating partnerships, educating and training organizations to sell IoT and drive ROI,

Furthermore, with diversity and inclusion valued as a vital part of the business, IoT World is working with specific organizations as a part of the Market Development Advisor group, to take action short and long term and ensure that this issue is addressed and challenged in the technology space. Through webinars, roundtables, and features at virtual and physical events around key topics such as gender and racial diversity, IoT World will work alongside these leaders and organizations to bridge the diversity gap and utilize technology for good.

The advisory board will facilitate an actionable and engaging environment to share best practices, and spearhead digital transformation, serving a better future for the Internet of Things and progress the market.

See the Advisory Board members below:

Lutz Beck, Chief Information Officer, Daimler Trucks North America

Brenna Berman, CEO & Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Ankur Bhan, Global Head of WING Business Line, Nokia

Steve Brumer, Partner, BH IoT Group

Mandy Chung, Executive Director/Co-Founder, Women in IoT

Frederic Desbiens, Program Manager for IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation

Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer, 5G Automotive Association

Ken Forster, Managing Director, Momenta Partners

Nenad Ilic, Senior IoT Architect, AWS

Andrei Khurshudov, Director of IoT Analytics, Caterpillar

Evan Kirstel, Chief Digital Evangelist, eVira Health

Pierre Lebas, IoT Devices and Solutions Architect, Microsoft

Lou Loutanski, VP of Internet of Things, Avnet

Chuck Martin, CEO of Net Future Institute, Editor, AI & IoT Daily, Mediapost

Dave McCarthy, Research Director, Edge Strategies, IDC

Abhi Naha, Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Wireless

Stephen Olsen, Principal Field Application Engineer, Blackberry QNX

Olu Orugboh, Senior Advisor, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and CEO & Founder, Synergy Solutions

Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas

Chris Penrose, Chief Operating Officer, FogHorn

Tony Pisani, Sr. Product Manager – IoT Software, Cisco

Bill Pugh, Managing Director, Smart Connections Consulting LLC

Nicole Raimundo, Chief Information Officer, Town of Cary

Rajesh Ramachandram, Chief Digital Officer, Industrial Automation, ABB

Wesley Rhodes, Vice President, R&D and Technology Transformation, Kroger

Trent Salvaggio, Executive Director, IoT Talent Consortium

Robert Schmid, Chief IoT Technologist, Managing Director, Deloitte

Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President, IoT, Kudelski Group

Jason Shepherd, Vice President, Ecosystem, ZEDEDA

Cüneyt Songüler, Senior IoT Solution Architect, Siemens

Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs, Linux Foundation

Rob Tiffany, VP & Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson

Rubathas Thirumathyam, Senior Managing Architect, IoT, Mobile & Cloud, IBM

Teresa Tung, Managing Director, Accenture

Jon Weiss, VP Emerging Technology, SoftwareAG

Click here for more information about each adviser.

About IoT World:

IoT World events, media and research will serve the entire IoT community, connecting global industry experts from across the IoT solutions ecosystem and industry verticals. IoT World’s mission is to collaborate to unite a fragmented IoT market, forming ecosystems and partnerships, and drive industry adoption. By working closely with the members of the Advisory Board, IoT World aim to build a strong tech community through events supported by the research powerhouse OMDIA, and the IoT World Today media publication.

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