IoT Takes Center Stage at CES 2024

A preview of IoT speakers and sessions to catch at this year’s event

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

January 3, 2024

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CES 2024 is taking place Jan. 8-12 in Las Vegas

IoT is set to take center stage at this year’s CES, taking place Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas.

From connected vehicles to smart homes, robotic assistants and automation technologies, the event will showcase IoT innovations across industries. Speakers from companies including Deloitte, Omdia and Microsoft will be exploring how the tech landscape has shifted over the past year, as well as how businesses can adapt to keep ahead of such changes.

Whether you’re attending CES in person or virtually, here are some of the panel discussions and sessions worth checking out.

Monday, Jan. 8

Keynote: Siemens CEO Dr. Roland Busch

Siemens CEO Dr. Roland Busch will discuss the technologies helping companies improve the way we live, work, move, and make.

The Forces Reshaping Health

Deloitte will be running this session, looking into the ways tech is reshaping the health care landscape, with a newfound focus on consumer convenience and personalized experiences.

Ottobot’s Delivery Robot Network 

Ottobot will be showcasing its robotic delivery solution on Monday, which it describes as ‘lockers on wheels’.

Using its autonomous delivery solution, Ottobot can create what it calls the “world’s first asynchronous delivery robot network”, capable of delivering items without human assistance and creating an unattended delivery network.

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Cracking the Smart Car: What Truly Defines Them?

In this session, moderated by Omdia analyst Edward Wilford, speakers will discuss the future of smart cars and how software, connectivity and advanced processing power are transforming the auto world.

Panel speakers include representatives from Amazon Automotive, Nvidia and Elektrobit. 

Trust by Design: Embed Privacy and Cybersecurity Into Development

Speakers from Deloitte, Microsoft and BWiSTEM will discuss how companies can integrate cybersecurity into their systems from the design phase, providing protection from the very beginning of a product’s lifecycle.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Keynote: L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus, CTA CEO Gary Shapiro

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will make its State of the Industry Address, exploring how technology is helping people tackle the world’s most pressing problems. L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus will discuss how sustainability and accessibility are changing the beauty industry’s supply chain and daily operations.

5G - Fad or Future? A Look at the Promise and Reality

Speakers from companies including Accenture, Vodafone and Verizon, will talk about the future of 5G, looking at ways consumers and businesses alike can prepare for upcoming changes in the landscape.

What Companies Need to Know About How People Understand Privacy 

At this session, visitors can learn about the psychology behind consumers’ and employees’ privacy expectations, and the implications for creating human-centered technology in an increasingly cyber-aware world.

Great American Elderverse: Combating Social Isolation with VR

Mynd Immersive, Consumer Technology Association Foundation and HTC will showcase their virtual reality (VR) tech designed to connect older adults experiencing loneliness.

AI & Robotics in Agriculture

Speakers from companies including John Deere, Driscoll and will discuss the use of robotics and AI in agriculture, with a particular focus on how these automation technologies impact how we plant, harvest and manage crops. 

Your New BFF Is a Robot

Panelists at this session will explore the emergence of companion robots, used to treat depression, loneliness and social isolation. Moderated by CNET, the session will feature talks from Labrador Systems, DreamFace Technologies, Embodied and LG Nova.

Robots at Work

A look at the ways robots have been integrated across industries to make jobs safer and more efficient, with speakers from Nvidia, Motional and Quantum Surgical.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Keynote: Hyundai CEO Kisun Chung

HD Hyundai CEO Kisun Chung will discuss how tech innovations are changing the way we build infrastructure to create more sustainable cities.

3D-Printed Food & Robotic Chefs

Panelists from Columbia Engineering, Refract Studio, Impulse and Suvie will discuss how tech and robotics are changing the way we prepare and cook food, with 3D printing, robots and lasers set to help us make our daily meals. 

The Future of Software-Defined Vehicles

From infotainment to safety, the in-vehicle experience continues to evolve. Learn about the latest trends in software-defined vehicles and how data personalizes the driving experience.

The Future of a Post-Hype Metaverse

What traction is the metaverse experiencing today? Leaders share use cases where real problems are being solved, sharing specific examples of industry collaboration. Learn how advances in tech and industry standards are foundational to the metaverse

Where Should Air Taxis Land?

Electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles are taking off, but questions remain as to exactly how they can be integrated into our existing transportation networks. Speakers from Joby Aviation, Overair and Supernal will be looking into the factors impacting flying vehicle’s uptake.

Global Disaster Relief: IoT to the Rescue!

Learn how Massive IoT – the concept of global massive use of sensors and actuators that can communicate – is the leading technology in the fight against climate change and other disasters.

Thursday, Jan. 11

AI Shaping IoT Network & Device Security

As AI continues to see increased uptake, speakers at this session will be discussing how AI-driven solutions are being used to safeguard IoT ecosystems, from detecting vulnerabilities to defending against new threats.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge

The Indy Autonomous Challenge is returning to CES, showcasing autonomous race cars and the future of autonomous mobility, as well as unveiling its Next Gen Autonomous Race Car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

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