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Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

October 7, 2022

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From Nokia’s latest 5G SaaS offering and Honeywell’s fire detection sensors to Motive’s food and drink monitoring devices, we’ve collected some of the best and brightest products from the world of IoT.

Nokia’s New SaaS to Drive 5G and IoT Monetization

Nokia has announced its latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), AVA Charging, to help communication service providers (CSPs) rapidly commercialize new offerings for 5G and IoT use cases. Using a subscription-based model, AVA provides “Intelligence Everywhere” through AI, machine learning, no code configuration, open APIs, multi-cloud orchestration and digital ecosystems.

“This latest addition to our SaaS arsenal supports CSPs and enterprises in having a dynamic digital infrastructure through 5G network components delivered as SaaS,” said Mark Bunn, senior vice president, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia. “[It] provides them with the necessary pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow commercial model to help them reach their desired business outcomes.”

floLIVE, Baicells Unveil First DIY Private 5G network

5G network solutions providers floLIVE and Baicells are launching a new Private 5G network for Industry 4.0 and IoT use cases. 

The new offering is designed for ease of use, deployable without the need for professional Systems Integrators. Using this solution, businesses can rapidly roll out services with a cloud-based service, with the capacity to transform into a hybrid solution to meet the demand for localized functions such as enhanced security, low latency and outbound roaming.

“We’ve learned that many private 5G deployments fail due to the highly experienced personnel required to deploy, configure and operate them,” said Asaf Gigi, vice president of marketing at floLIVE. “With our new approach, we simplify all aspects of ordering, deploying, operating and expanding the system, making it highly attractive to our enterprise customers.”

Soracom Adds Native Satellite Support to IoT Connectivity Platform

Soracom, a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, has introduced native support for satellite messaging capability, allowing customers to manage SatIoT connections and billing directly through the Soracom platform. The platform is currently available via Astrocast satellites, with additional satellite services to follow.

The expanded offering allows customers with remote monitoring, asset tracking and other use cases to “bring their own” compatible satellite hardware and manage all of their connections and billing in one place.

“There is significant demand within many industries for IoT deployments across the 85% of the globe that currently has zero cellular coverage,” said Fabien Jordan, Astrocast CEO. “Cost-effective, low power, bidirectional satellite technology brings new opportunities for a broad range of innovative use cases.”

HiveMQ Enables Real-Time IoT Observability from Device to Cloud 

HiveMQ has launched its new Distributed Tracing Extension, a feature that allows users to trace and debug MQTT data streams from device to cloud and back – offering full IoT observability and interoperability.   

The announcement makes HiveMQ the first MQTT broker to provide complete transparency for every public message that uses the HiveMQ MQTT broker. 

“We’re the first MQTT broker to enable true IoT observability so customers can trace MQTT data and gather diagnostic information in real-time rather than after the fact,” said Christian Götz, HiveMQ CEO. “IoT observability is key as it allows customers to quickly identify latency bottlenecks or reasons for failure in critical transactions and decrease the time spent resolving these issues.”

Motive Introduces Safety Monitoring for Food and Drink Supply Chain 

Automated solutions provider Motive has expanded its offering for the food and beverage market with the launch of a new Reefer Monitoring solution for refrigerated vehicles and trailers (reefers). The new offering is intended to help businesses adhere to food safety and transportation requirements. 

The monitoring solution includes a new environmental sensor that remotely monitors reefer temperature and humidity conditions in real time. Using this offering, businesses can have all fleet data in a single place and preempt any potential issues, making any necessary adjustments rapidly and remotely.

TytoCare, Vivaz and Nebula Partner to Bring Innovative Virtual Care to Spain

TytoCare, an AI-powered device that enables remote physical exams, is set to come to the medical market in Spain. To enable this rollout, Spanish health insurance firm Vivaz will be partnering with TytoCare, as well as health care distributor Nebula. Under the collaboration, Vivaz will integrate TytoCare into its current offerings, while Nebula will distribute the service. 

The development responds to mounting pressure on emergency services across Spain, which are currently seeing an influx of patients and lengthy waiting periods for medical care. Establishing reliable access to virtual care will ease this pressure, and ensure patients are seen in a timely manner. TytoCare uses an all-in-one diagnostic tool and examination kit that allows users to perform physical exams on themselves and measure heart rate and body temperature, with the results then shared with their GP.  

“Our clients across Spain stand to benefit from this truly revolutionary new access to high-quality, convenient and digital care in their day-to-day life,” said Olga Moreno, Vivaz managing director. “Families are taking unnecessary and time-consuming trips to overcrowded and germ-filled emergency departments for issues that could easily be solved by a primary care physician if appointments with clinicians were more readily available.”

Honeywell Launches New Sensor Solution for Fire Detection 

Honeywell has launched a first-of-its-kind sensor solution that combines early warning smoke detection with indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ). The new plug-and-play offering was built on the VESDA line of smoke detectors and is designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and create healthier spaces for occupants.  

Honeywell’s VESDA technology actively samples air – rather than passively waiting for the smoke to reach traditional spot sensors – to identify trace amounts of smoke and enable early intervention before it disrupts operations. The sensors can also monitor for CO and CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity.

“The emphasis on indoor air quality isn’t going away – and that’s a good thing as more organizations work to create safer healthier environments,” said Udaya Shrivastava, Honeywell vice president. “We challenged our engineering teams to find a way to complement the capabilities of our aspirating smoke detection systems with highly sensitive IAQ monitoring. The system identifies not only the minute presence of smoke but also the presence of air quality contaminants of concern, allowing building operators to react and respond to out-of-bounds parameters quickly.”

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