Building trust for a connected world

July 21, 2022

1 Hr View

Date: Jul 21, 2022

Duration: 1 Hr

The IoT market is expected to continue growing fast, reaching 12.5 billion IoT device shipments in 2026. These devices will generate vast amounts of data essential for digital transformations across all industries. However, enterprise digitization and automation journeys are not always straightforward and as IoT ecosystems are fragmented with no way to secure data exchanges across disparate, zero trust environments.

To unlock the value of IoT data, businesses need to break down these silos and securely integrate IoT data with existing enterprise IT systems.

Attend our webinar to hear how data consumers can secure and trust their device data no matter its source or network path. We will showcase how Intertrust data orchestration technology is enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey without sacrificing data management or IoT device security and privacy.

Join the talk to learn:

  • Today’s IoT device market size across different verticals

  • Key IoT device ecosystem challenges and opportunities

  • Approaches to secure and connect disparate IoT devices and systems

  • Real world examples how Intertrust data orchestration securely connects IoT device networks

  • Audience Q&A

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Eleftheria KouriEleftheria Kouri

Senior Research Analyst, IoT Technologies and Verticals

AI & IoT, Omdia

Hebberly AhatlanHebberly Ahatlan

Director of Product Marketing, Intertrust Platform


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