Building a Specification on top of MQTT to Meet Your Industry Requirements

MQTT is the de-facto standard for IoT data movement due to its ability to connect millions of devices securely and reliably.

October 18, 2023

1 Min Read

During the implementation phase, companies may struggle to define the MQTT specification without a roadmap. Some specifications for MQTT-based communication already exist, such as MQTT Sparkplug, which is now successfully speeding adoption in the Industrial IoT space. However, other industries and use cases could use a similar boost that Sparkplug gave. We’re here to help.

This technical whitepaper aims to help IT Architects, IoT developers, solutions architects, and engineers take the right steps to deploy MQTT for IoT data movement and create the standard, or specification, for their unique implementation. Once you put the right foundation in place and define a uniform approach to communication via MQTT, all data publishers and subscribers can easily communicate with each other regarding their common use case.

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