Activating PINNTELLIGENCE at The Edge

Activating PINNTELLIGENCE at The Edge from Applied Intelligence Live! 2023

September 28, 2023

Join Bill Pugh and the Autonomy Institute to learn about Intelligent Infrastructure Economic Zones, and revitalizing infrastructure in the United States. The Economic Impact of Intelligent Infrastructure will be measured in the $billions, Save Lives, and create millions of new jobs. Intelligent Infrastructure (the foundation of ARPA-I) goes well beyond transportation and will be the "Brains of our Economy." Providing advanced city services, resilient and carbon-free economies, closes the technology divide, enabling autonomous systems, and most importantly, securing data for people, cities, and governments. Infrastructure investors and the Federal Infrastructure Bank are mobilizing $billions in private capital to underwrite 100s of thousands of Public Infrastructure Network Nodes - PINNs across communities, cities and our highways.

Bill Pugh, Co-Founder - Smart Connections Consulting LLC

Jeff DeCoux, Founder & Chairman - Autonomy Institute

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