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6 Key Assessment Criteria when Evaluating IoT Solutions6 Key Assessment Criteria when Evaluating IoT Solutions

Organizations shopping for IoT vendors need to have clear criteria. Here are the top things to look for.

February 3, 2017

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By IOT Content Manager

When it comes to IoT, sales pitches abound—with promises of unthinkable gains in efficiency, cost savings, and new business models. But how can you find which vendors are just boasting and which are the real deal? And how can you determine which partners are the best fit for your company, given the seemingly countless IoT offerings out there?

You need a clear framework to guide your vendor assessment process, says ABI Research analyst Dan Shey, who recently expounded on the subject in a webinar sponsored by Cisco Jasper. In ABI Research’s model, such a framework includes six levels, as shown in the infographic below:

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