AI-Enabled Smart Mattress Monitors Users’ Health

DeRucci’s smart mattress features 23 sensors to monitor a user’s biometrics and alert them of any potential health issues

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

November 8, 2023

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DeRucci's new smart mattress

Sleep technology company DeRucci has launched a smart mattress, using AI sensors to track a user’s biometrics, adjust to provide optimal sleep and alert users of any potential health issues. 

The mattress features an array of 23 AI sensors that track changes in a sleeper’s position, body temperature and heart rate, as well as 18 airbags that inflate or deflate to support a user as they move throughout the night.

The mattress can even monitor and reduce snoring by adjusting the user’s elevation and can be connected to other smart home appliances such as the thermostat or air conditioning, controlling the bedroom’s conditions to facilitate optimal sleep. 

Using data collected from the sensor array, the mattress can even warn users about potential health issues if anomalies are detected in their sleep pattern or behaviors. According to DeRucci, its smart mattress employs big data based on 1.08 billion pieces of sleep data, coupled with an individual’s profile, to provide health insights. 

A personalized AI sleep consultant is also available to users, with the chatbot leveraging large language models to conduct sleep-related Q&A’s with an individual to build a tailored profile. 

DeRucci says its design is the first of its kind, capable of calculating sleep stages with an accuracy rate of 93.4% when compared to PSG (Polysomnography) sleep studies, as well as tracking physiological indicators, such as heart rate and respiration, with an accuracy rate of 95%. 

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“The DeRucci … algorithm simultaneously adapts and customizes to each user’s various individual sleeping positions and makes real-time adjustments to perfectly match height, shape, and body areas,” according to a company statement. “DeRUCCI’s AI algorithm enables the mattress to adapt to pressure curves during sleep for a more than 40% improvement in spinal health.

“[It] the first smart mattress that instantly adjusts to the individual’s health for optimal sleep; actually warning the user about potential health issues before they are aware of them.”

The mattress is currently available in China and is set to come to U.S. markets in the first quarter of 2024.

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Scarlett Evans

Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

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