Most Read: Flying Taxi Company Partners for Service to United Airlines Hub, Microsoft Addresses Cyber Breach

Also inside, how officials are protecting the Paris Olympics from cyberattacks, plus, the new jumping robot world record

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

June 21, 2024

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An Archer Aviation flyign taxi with a United Airlines logo on it at an airport
Archer Aviation

Here are IoT World Today's most-read stories this week:

Flying Taxi Company Partners for Service to United Airlines Hub

Flying taxi company Archer Aviation and Signature Aviation are partnering to provide Archer with access to key United Airlines hubs at airports including Newark International and Chicago O’Hare.

Signature is the world’s largest network of private aviation terminals and would provide Archer with access to takeoff and landing sites in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Texas.

The two companies plan to leverage their partnerships with Beta Technologies from Burlington, Vermont, to install Beta’s rapid recharging systems across Signature’s network of terminals. The companies plan to electrify initial launch locations starting next year.

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Microsoft Accepts Responsibility for Cybersecurity Breach, Vows Stronger Measures

Microsoft's vice chair and president accepted responsibility for cybersecurity lapses that led to attacks by Chinese actors as part of the Storm-0558 hack.

A report from the Cyber Safety Review Board found that Microsoft was at fault for the 2023 Storm-0558 hack, which saw Microsoft email accounts including those belonging to U.S. federal agencies compromised after actors stole Microsoft account signing keys to forge authentication tokens for Outlook.

"It's especially important for me to say that Microsoft accepts responsibility for each and every one of the issues cited in the CSRB's report,” Brad Smith said during testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee last week.

The CSRB’s report recommended Microsoft and other cloud service providers improve control mechanisms, adopt a minimum standard for default audit logging and develop more effective victim notification and support mechanisms.

Smith said during his testimony that the company would implement the CSRB’s recommendations and go beyond them through a company-wide Secure Future Initiative to ensure products and services are secure by design and continuously monitoring to meet future threats.

Learn more about the Storm-0558 hack and Microsoft’s efforts to make amends

Jumping Robot Sets New World Record, Reaches Nearly 400 Feet

A robot has set a new world record by jumping 393 feet, shattering the previous record of 108 feet for the highest jump by a robot.

Robotics engineers at the University of Manchester discovered the optimal shapes and sizes required for a robot to jump to new heights through extensive computer simulations and laboratory experiments.

They found that previous jumping robots would take off before fully releasing their stored spring energy, resulting in poor jumps that limit maximum height potentials.

The new robot does not take off until it has fully compressed the spring. It maintains structural strength and stiffness when bending down to jump before leaping straight up into the air like a mechanical frog.

The minds behind it believe the robot could be used to reach inaccessible spaces or help in disaster rescue.

Find out how high the robot would be able to jump on the Moon

Singapore $7.8B Semiconductor Plant to Develop Automotive, Industrial Chips

Singapore will be home to a new $7.8 billion semiconductor manufacturing plant that will produce hardware for the automotive, industrial and mobile markets.

The plant is part of a joint venture between Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) and NXP Semiconductors, creating a new wafer manufacturer called VisionPower Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Together, they plan to invest $7.8 billion in the joint venture, with VisionPower operating independently, supplying 12-inch chips.

Chip wafers manufactured at the new site will be licensed and transferred to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which partially owns VIS.

Construction will begin later this year and the first wave of hardware will be available in 2027.

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Cybersecurity Measures Strengthened Ahead of 2024 Paris Olympic Games

With a little more thana month until the 2024 Olympics kick off in Paris, organizers are bolstering cybersecurity precautions against potential cyberattacks. 

The event is a prime target due to the vast amount of data involved, including ticket payment information.

A report from Google-owned cybersecurity firm Mandiant warns that espionage groups are likely to target the 2024 Olympics to gather information, as there will be a high number of government officials and senior decision-makers attending.

To ensure cyber safety, the Paris 2024 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has enlisted Cisco to provide cybersecurity services. Having worked with the Olympics since London 2012 providing networking equipment, Cisco’s role has been expanded to cover cybersecurity infrastructure solutions for the games in France.

Eviden is also being brought in to help with cybersecurity operations, using its monitoring services to identify threats that could impact the competition.

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