Hyundai’s Flying Vehicle Unveiled at CES 2024

The S-A2 is a four-passenger, piloted eVTOL with eight rotors and would cruise at 120 mph at 1500 feet

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

January 10, 2024

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The Hyundai flying vehicle company developing eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles did the big reveal of its new flying vehicle concept.

To highlight the introduction of the flying vehicle, Supernal constructed a vertiport in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Jaiwon Shin, CEO of Supernal and president of Hyundai Motor Group, opened the event calling the new flying vehicle “the next revolution in mobility.”

The S-A2 is a four-passenger, piloted eVTOL with eight rotors. It would cruise at 120 mph at 1500 feet with initial trips between 25 and 40 miles.

“We started with a creative ideation phase,” said Ben Diachun, chief technology officer, who spoke following the CEO. “Our team initially came up with more than 100 different vehicle shapes. From there, with methodical engineering discipline, we narrowed it down to just one, this vehicle in front of you.”

Diauchun said the vehicle was developed with four principles: safety, sustainability, scalability and customer experience.

While Supernal is not planning passenger-carrying operations until 2028, Diachun told me after the presentation that the company is conducting flight testing with prototypes.

Supernal recently formed a strategic partnership with Korean Air to accelerate the design of its flying vehicle and the development of the advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem in Korea, part of a growing network of collaborators Supernal has been forming.

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The company also recently announced a collaboration with Honeywell to develop a ground control station to enable the vehicles to be test flown without pilots on board.

Supernal’s flying vehicle introduction was not alone at CES.

The flying car from Xpeng Aeroht was featured on the floor of CES and the night before CES, the Pivotal Helix was featured.

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