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Flying Skybus Gets Hybrid Fueling Options; eVTOL Companies Team

The Skybus has two separate propulsion systems, one electric and powered by hydrogen fuel cells and one by jet fuel

Chuck Martin

November 29, 2023

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Lyte Aviation's sky bus flying over a city.
Lyte Aviation

Two eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) companies have agreed to partner to increase fueling options for coming vehicles.

Volatus Infrastructure and Energy Solutions has teamed with Lyte Aviation, which has developed a 40-seater electric aerial vehicle (EAV) for urban and regional travel called the Skybus.

The Skybus has two separate propulsion systems, one electric and powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the other turbine powered by jet fuel.


Volatus Infrastructure, which develops vertiports for EAVs to take off, land and be fueled, agreed to expand its refueling options to include its universal multi-modal electric charging station, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen so it can service all types of hybrid and EAVs such as the Skybus.


“Advanced air mobility will come in many different shapes, sizes and means of propulsion, including bold, game-changing designs like the LA-44 Skybus,” said Dan Sloat, Volatus Infrastructure CEO. “As infrastructure and energy providers we believe in the importance of accommodating as many designs as possible so that eVTOL operators have more safety divert options available for landing.”

Volatus Infrastructure has three different modular vertiport designs and charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Lyte Aviation recently received a pre-order for its 40-seater Skybus vehicle from Vman Aero Services in India in a deal valued at a reported $420 million.

The range of the Skybus is 620 miles with a top speed of 190 mph with a tandem tilt-wing design.

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A full-scale prototype is being planned within 24 months, and serial production within five to six years.

Sale orders for EAVs for commercial transportation are starting around the globe.

Archer Aviation and Air Chateau International recently signed a deal for the private aviation operator to purchase the EAV to be operated in the United Arab Emirates.

That deal is valued at $500 million for 100 of the Archer Midnight craft.

The Air Chateau operations provide last mile services between airports and cities for high-net-worth individuals.

Archer recently announced plans to start air taxi operations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 2026. 

In a separate recent deal, Archer and InterGlobe Enterprises signed an agreement to operate a service across India

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