Air Taxi Company Takes Passengers on Demo Flights in China

The flights took place as part of a tourism initiative called Low-Altitude Tourism in Wencheng

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

June 28, 2024

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Air taxi company EHang Holdings in China took passengers on demonstration flights in its EH216-S pilotless electric flying vehicle.

The flights took place as part of the tourism initiative called Low-Altitude Tourism in Wencheng, according to EHang.

EHang had delivered 27 of its electric aerial vehicles (EAV) to Wencheng County Transportation 

Development Group in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, as part of a deal to sell 300 pilotless flying vehicles to the tourism development group.

The group paid a 50% deposit as a pre-delivery downpayment.

For the demonstrations, EHang carried multiple passengers in low-altitude, sightseeing tours over Tianding Lake at the Baizhangji Fall and Feiyun Lake Scenic Resort, a location providing views of the general Wencheng area.

A takeoff and landing site for the two-passenger EAV was set up at the Scenic Resort. The urban air mobility (UAM) operation center and supporting infrastructure served as a model for other areas in Wencheng for the establishment of aerial sightseeing services, according to the company.


EHang and the Wencheng County Government are jointly developing UAM and supporting the public service ecosystem for low-altitude commercial flights.

The organizations are focused on EAVs for tourism, transportation, logistics and emergency response.

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Wencheng County plans to launch pilotless eVTOL aerial sightseeing services in scenic areas.

“We've received a surge in bulk orders from customers and partners globally, which is a testament of the market recognition of our innovative pilotless eVTOL products and solutions, as well as the robust demand for UAM and low-altitude economy development worldwide,” said Zhao Wang, chief operating officer of EHang.

The autonomous flying taxi from EHhang recently took its maiden autonomous flight in Saudi Arabia.

The vehicle flew in Mecca in conjunction with Front End Limited Company, a Saudi company that serves various industries.

In Saudi Arabia, EHang is supported by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services, the Ministry of Hajj and the Ministry of Interior.

EHang recently signed a deal to sell 50 flying vehicles to Xishan Tourism in a deal valued at $15 million.

Xishan Tourism signed a purchase agreement for an additional 450 EAVs over the next two years as it plans to use the flying vehicles for aerial tourism and passenger transportation.

Before the Saudi Arabia flight, EHang took its first passenger for a demonstration ride in Abu Dhabi.

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The passenger flight followed demonstrations of the EAV conducted without passengers at the DriftX mobility expo in Abu Dhabi.

The EAV maker joined the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industries Cluster in Abu Dhabi and formed a partnership with Wings Logistics Hub, a passenger eVTOL subsidiary of Technology Holding Company.

EHang also is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office for EAV development in the UAE.

EAV battery charging times are expected to take fewer than 10 minutes for charging from 30% to 80%, according to EHang.

EHang has received the Production Certificate (PC) for its EH216-S from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). 

The $410,000 EAV already had received a standard airworthiness certificate (AC) from the CACC, the first of its kind globally for an EAV and the company is authorized for mass production.

EHang also has conducted demonstration flights in Latin America at the Reserva Conchal Resort in Costa Rica.

EHang also has flown a group of 12 EAVs together in China. In a video, the 12 flying vehicles took off together from an airfield in Hefei, China, on what appeared to be a snowy day.

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