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SoftBank and University of Tokyo Collaborate on Quantum Research

Partnership will investigate integrating quantum with 5G, 6G and IoT

John Potter

November 9, 2023

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Softbank and the University of Tokyo will look at integrating quantum with communications technology
Softbank and the University of Tokyo will look at integrating quantum with communications technologyGetty

Investment multinational SoftBank Corp. and the University of Tokyo have announced a joint research collaboration on commercial applications of quantum computing. SoftBank has also joined the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium, managed by the University of Tokyo.

The collaboration aims to strengthen the partnership between industry and academia. The partners plan to accelerate research and development for the practical business use of quantum computing technologies.

They will use IBM's 127-qubit Quantum System One at the Kawasaki Business Incubation Center for their experiments. The organizations intend to integrate this system with advanced mobile communication technologies, including 5G, 6G and IoT, to research the societal implementation of quantum computers.

SoftBank will also send researchers to Keio University's Quantum Computing Center. They will use complex calculations that classical computers cannot efficiently solve on noisy, intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers to simulate nuclear quantum effects. These will be used to conduct simulations to explore the underlying mechanisms of chemical phenomena and validate NISQ use cases for societal applications.

Because current NISQ computers need significant improvements in performance and reliability, this collaboration will contribute essential research to the commercialization of quantum computing. The alliance aims to identify practical use cases and requirements to make the technology more viable in the real world.

SoftBank and the University of Tokyo launched a joint research collaboration in September 2023 with a view to the business utilization of quantum computers. This saw SoftBank join the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium (QII Consortium).

“Through our membership in the QII Consortium, SoftBank aims to further contribute to quantum research in Japan and pursue research and development towards the practical use of quantum computing, with the goal of societal implementation of quantum technology. In the near future, we expect that equipping SoftBank’s next-generation social infrastructure with quantum computers will further accelerate the digitalization of society,” said SoftBank vice president Ryuji Wakikawa.

In July, SoftBank launched a joint research collaboration with Keio University in the field of quantum computers. Their initial research is in the field of quantum chemistry, which involves the quantum-mechanical analysis of molecules and nuclei.

This article first appeared on IoT World Today's sister site, Enter Quantum.

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