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New Fleet Safety Camera Technology to Boost Privacy, Offer TrainingNew Fleet Safety Camera Technology to Boost Privacy, Offer Training

Netradyne’s updated system uses IoT solutions to analyze data on the road and offer customized driver training

Scarlett Evans

April 21, 2022

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Image shows a caravan or convoy of trucks in line on a country highway.
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AI and cloud computing firm Netradyne is introducing new features to its fleet safety camera technology, boosting privacy and offering customized training for drivers. 

Netradyne’s Driveri platform provides drivers with in-cab alerts if it senses either road hazards or distracted driver behaviors such as texting while driving or drowsiness. Surrounding traffic is also monitored to ensure a safe distance is maintained, with alerts also sounding if a driver gets too close to others on the road. 

The latest features will disable inward-facing camera recording to both protect driver privacy and avoid the discouragement of drivers who may be unwilling to be recorded. The new system rollout will also include accident alerts, combining vision technology with “g-force data” to identify collisions ahead and afford drivers greater response time. 

Similar to some autonomous vehicle features, the Driveri system incorporates sensors and cameras to identify potential hazards and analyze traffic data; however, instead of self-correcting, Driveri cars alert the driver to modify their behavior accordingly. 

Netradyne is also launching its new training platform Netradyne University. The online learning course allows customers and drivers to stream online course content, complete assignments and become certified on Driveri installation.

“The new enhancements announced today point to our ongoing investment in evolving our core product to meet the needs of the ever-changing fleet transportation landscape,” said Avneesh Agrawal, chief executive officer at Netradyne. “Fleet safety continues to be of paramount importance and with our newest release, the benefits will be two-fold: Driveri’s flexible platform will enable fleets to customize the experience to best meet their unique needs and Driveri’s advanced AI technology will continue to help fleets foster a safety-first culture through positive driving behaviors.”

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