Microsoft releases public beta of Azure IoT Edge

News briefs: Microsoft announces public beta of Azure IoT Edge, which enables cloud intelligence on edge devices; Cisco launches financing program for smart cities, promising $1B in capital.

Courtney Bjorlin

November 20, 2017

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IT expert in a blue suit touches a hexagon tile  with the words edge computing surrounded by specific keywords
IT expert in a blue suit touches a hexagon tile with the words edge computing surrounded by specific keywordsThinkstock

Microsoft releases Azure IoT Edge in public beta

At its Connect(); developer conference last week, Microsoft announced the public beta of its Azure IoT Edge, with capabilities to process data or take action directly on the IoT device itself, according to a blog announcing the news. With the tools, for instance, a complex data pipeline can be created on Azure IoT Edge pulling data from IoT devices and running it in a combination of Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions and any third-party code. This can be configured and deployed from Azure IoT Hub in the cloud, with the device pulling down the appropriate containers with these services and linking them, according to the blog. Azure IoT Edge runs on multiple platforms and hardware architectures and allows developers to write their own code in C#, C and Python.

Cisco launches financing program for smart cities

Cisco has launched a financing program for smart cities, helping to erode what it says is a major roadblock for cities to begin smart transformations, the company said. The City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program provides $1 billion in capital with different financing tools — for example, traditional infrastructure or investing equity and debt into a public partnership vehicle — according to a video announcing the news. The funding will be provided through Cisco Capital in partnership with private equity firm Digital Alpha Advisors and pension fund investors APG Asset Management and Whitehelm Capital.

Funding for Dresden as IoT hub pours in

Dresden continues to build its reputation as an innovation hub in Germany and globally as a hotbed for IoT development, according to a press release. Over the next several years, international technology groups and research institutions such as Globalfoundries, Infineon, Bosch, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will be investing some 4.5 billion euro (approximately $5.3 billion USD) to promote the development and production of modern processors, sensors and 5G mobile communication modules and to develop new software tools and IoT platforms, according to a press release.

USC to lead new IoT consortium

USC, along with founding members like Verizon, launched a consortium last week aimed at designing, developing testing and deploying IoT systems to benefit IoT communities, including the city of Los Angeles, area residents and local industry, according to a press release. The Intelligent Internet of Things Integrator (I3) consortium will create an environment for trusted application developers, device manufacturers, communications and value-added data service providers to connect information streams to create and test apps that could improve the quality of life for community residents, according to a press release. Applications generated by I3 might include applications to guide firefighters floor by floor through a burning building with full awareness of building infrastructure features. IoT applications that provide detailed insights to improve economic activity such as the foot traffic outside of a potential restaurant venue are also on the radar, according to the press release.

Rockwell Automation details unique IoT skills program for veterans

Rockwell Automation’s Academy of Advanced Manufacturing will look to train retired U.S. veterans to help ease the IIoT skills shortage, according to coverage in MachineDesign. Veterans can learn to operate and program IIoT technology in a unique 12-week program that combines classroom learning with hands-on experience at Rockwell’s facility in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

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