IoT Product Roundup: Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Soracom and More

The latest products from the IoT industry

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

July 3, 2023

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From Honeywell’s emissions-reducing system to Schneider Electrics’ room occupancy sensors and Soracom’s IoT network expansion, here are some of the latest products from the world of IoT.

Honeywell Upgrades Aircraft for Energy Saving

Honeywell has unveiled a new High-Efficiency Mode (HEM) upgrade for its 131-9B auxiliary power unit (APU) for Boeing 737 aircraft. 

The new system works by autonomously regulating airflow, reducing the amount of power sent to the APU when the plane is on the ground, and enabling carbon emissions savings of between 1-2%.

“Globally, airlines are working to reduce their carbon footprint and every incremental step will help them in achieving their net-zero carbon emissions targets,” said Heath Patrick, Honeywell Americas Aftermarket’s president. “An airline with a fleet of 50 737s could realize as much as $450,000 in annual fuel savings and reduce their emissions by up to 1,100 metric tons of CO2, depending on operating conditions.”

Schneider Electric Expands Connected Room Solution

Schneider Electric has announced two new products, SpaceLogic RP-V and Insight Sensor, as part of its Connected Room Solution. 

The SpaceLogic RP-V is an air controller that automatically adjusts HVAC levels for energy efficiency. Insight Sensor is a 6-in-1 sensor that monitors people counting, motion, temperature, humidity, sound levels and light levels.  

The new additions enable occupancy monitoring, providing businesses with the ability to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs by identifying room usage. According to Schneider, the new tools could save organizations between 10 to 20% on HVAC energy costs.

“The future of buildings focuses on more than how sustainable they can be, it also prioritizes the infrastructure necessary to provide tenants with a healthy, unique and quality experience,” said James Mylett, Schneider Electric’s senior vice president of U.S. digital buildings. “The Connected Room Solution uses SpaceLogic RP-V and Insight Sensor to transform the occupant experience by analyzing different environmental factors of a space and automatically adjusting things like temperature and light to deliver an optimized and comfortable setting for occupants.”

Soracom Announces North America's Largest IoT Coverage Area

Soracom announced a new cellular data plan designed to maximize network availability and coverage for devices deployed anywhere in the U.S. 

The new plan, dubbed US-MAX, is designed to provide IoT data coverage across the three largest wireless networks in North America: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and users can automatically switch between the three providers to allow for constant connectivity.

The platform also allows access to Soracom's fully-virtualized cellular platform.

"Coverage is the key in IoT. Soracom serves as a technology partner to IoT innovators across North America, Europe and Asia, and we know extensive coverage in specific countries can make or break a deployment," said Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom’s CTO. "For devices deployed across the United States, it's the right time for a plan you can download over the air to combine the greatest available coverage with the most advanced connectivity platform."

Onymos Expands Features-as-a-Service Platform to IoT Development

Onymos has extended its platform to support the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) ecosystems and applications. 

This platform is intended as a foundation for companies deploying IoT and includes local storage, security and user applications for device administration and customer insights.

Onymos IoT provides engineering teams with Onymos Edge, a gateway that allows IoT devices to communicate with one another, Onymos Access which allows users to select their own authenticator method and Onymos DataStore, a platform to securely store and retrieve data in the cloud. 

“IoT is growing more and more popular each day, and many industries like healthcare, agriculture, and energy are beginning to deploy the technology as part of their operations,” said Shiva Nathan, Onymos’ CEO. “However, for enterprises to benefit from the technology, they must first assemble the underlying ecosystem that enables the devices to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems — an activity that is extremely complex and arduous.

“Our IoT solution provides engineering teams and developers with the necessary building blocks to create the ecosystem required for the devices and systems to function properly.”

Airthings Launches New Space Utilization Tool

Airthings, an indoor air quality and energy-saving solutions provider, has launched a new tool for its Airthings for Business Solution: Space Utilization. 

The new feature measures occupancy and space usage in buildings without jeopardizing privacy, capable of detecting occupant presence without using cameras. Building operators can use the data gathered to optimize building usage and, with it, energy efficiency and cost reductions. 

“With Space Utilization, managers can know what’s happening in their building anytime from anywhere, while still respecting the privacy of occupants,” said Oyvind Birkenes, Airthings’ CEO. “With a stronger understanding of exactly how their spaces are being used, companies can now use Airthings’ technology to make data-driven decisions and investments that will enhance their indoor environment, improving the experience of their people and the energy-efficiency of their building.”

Fossa Systems Launches Next-Gen IIoT Satellites

Fossa Systems has announced the launch of its new IoT-enabled satellites, the first in the launch of its 80-satellite constellation.

Once completed, the constellation will provide IoT solutions to monitor industrial assets and infrastructure in remote or hard-to-reach areas. According to Fossa, the new platforms will orbit the Earth approximately 15 times a day, allowing a single satellite to provide global coverage, anywhere on the planet.

The company said it is already carrying out pilot projects in the infrastructure, oil and gas, utilities, defense and AgroTech sectors.

"Fossa Systems is reinventing, from Spain, the way to provide satellite services all over the planet,” said Julián Fernández, Fossa’s CEO. “This launch reiterates our firm commitment to innovation as a driver to offer space solutions with reduced development cycles"

Once the Fossa satellite has established contact, the team said it will begin the commissioning period in the coming weeks, during which a series of tests will be carried out to confirm the proper functioning of all the subsystems. After this, work to launch the rest of the constellation will begin. 

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