Generative AI in the Spotlight at AI Summit London

Generative AI takes center stage at AI Summit London, with insights from OpenAI, Google, IBM and more on the latest trends and deployments

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

June 6, 2024

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The cutting edge of generative AI will be showcased at the AI Summit London, featuring in-depth conversations on foundation models, open source ideas and best practices.

Taking place June 12-13 at the Tobacco Docks, the eighth annual AI Summit will place a special emphasis on the growing field of generative AI, offering attendees a look at the latest advancements and trends.

The two-day event will cover all stages of the generative AI landscape, providing insights into how businesses can test and build their own innovative ideas.

Attendees can gain insights and best practices for deploying generative AI from experts at L'Oreal, IBM, BT and Shopify who will  provide cutting-edge techniques for building and fine-tuning systems.

Firms at the forefront of building some of the most prominent generative models on the market, including OpenAI, Google and Falcon developer TII, will also be on hand. 

Here are our recommendations for some must-attend generative AI-related sessions at the event.

Wednesday, June 12

Scale the Impact of Responsible Generative AI

Companies across industries are conducting experimental AI projects, looking for ways to augment existing workflows. IBM’s Ritika Gunnar will discuss how businesses can easily build their own generative AI assistants. Gunnar will demonstrate how businesses can use IBM’s watsonx platform to automate customer service roles or streamline HR operations using their own internal data.

Harnessing the Power of LLMs

A language model is only as good as the data used to train it. Fine-tuning can improve model performance but can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive ordeal. Vanessa Lopes, a machine learning engineer from the European Central Bank, will demonstrate how to efficiently fine-tune large language models to make them applicable to specific subject matters and sectors.

AI in Retail: Enhancing Customer Segmentation With Generative AI

Kriti Singh, a data scientist from British supermarket Asda, will provide insights on how generative AI is being applied in the retail sector. Singh will outline strategies for collecting and preparing high-quality data, as well as ways to navigate the technical challenges of AI model integrations.

Building Trustworthy Generative AI Solutions With Sensitive Data

Processing sensitive company data is among the major concerns for businesses looking to deploy generative AI applications. HP’s Alex Klug and Galileo’s Yash Sheth will explain how they created a method for using sensitive data in generative AI applications while maintaining security.

Thursday, June 13

Unleash the Power of Generative AI With Google Cloud and Gemini

Businesses looking to implement generative AI want the technology to provide tangible business value. Google Cloud Technical Director John Abel’s keynote speech will provide insights and strategies for businesses to deploy generative AI to deliver efficiency and accelerate growth.

Open Source AI: The Booster of Innovation in AI

Falcon from the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is among the most popular open source large language models available today. Businesses can build their AI applications atop Falcon and the new Falcon 2, fine-tuning the models to apply to specific industries and applications. Hakim Hacid, TII’s executive director and acting chief researcher, will discuss the open source side of generative AI and provide insights on the requirements businesses need to succeed using an open source model.

Augmenting Marketing With Generative AI, a Journey and Key Use Cases

L’Oreal’s Jean-Paul Paoli will discuss how the cosmetics brand is using generative AI to augment the creativity of its brands. Paoli will provide insights into the company’s digital transformation efforts, including an in-depth look at its AI-powered virtual assistant Beauty Genius.

What Does It Take to Train a Generative AI Model From Scratch?

For some companies, leveraging a third-party AI model is enough to power an AI application. But for those wanting to build sector-specific models using their own data, the task can be a mammoth one. Nebius AI’s Narek Tatevosyan will provide a look at key considerations for training your own AI model spanning steps from idea to production, including data preparation, fine-tuning and inference.

View all the sessions and the full two-day agenda >>>

The AI Summit London Also Includes:

Five premium content stages: Packed with expert speakers from across the AI landscape.

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Roundtables: Engage in open and constructive dialogue on strategies to promote, enhance inclusivity and foster positive workplace cultures. 

The AI Accelerator Hub:  A two-day Dragon Den-style initiative for AI startups.

The AI Hackathon: Where some of the best young talent can connect with leaders from global enterprises (application only).

Author’s Corner & the AI Summit Book Exchange: Your chance to hear from leading AI authors, get signed copies and pick up preloved tech and business-related books.

AI Summit London attendees can also visit the Quantum Computing Summit, co-located at the event.

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