Advertise with IoT World Today
Advertise with IoT World Today

Bring your brand to life with IoT World Today through our high-impact digital marketing opportunities that include advertising, product/brand awareness, direct marketing, content marketing, research, lead generation and more.

In addition, IoT World Today provides great synergy with our IoT World event series, the world’s leading series of IoT-focused events. Extensive 365 digital coverage combined with in-person events is a game-changer for marketers looking connect with IoT buyers at every stage of their workflow.


IoT World Today reaches cross-departmental IoT decision-making teams, across: government/public infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, buildings, transportation, & electronics (OEM’s), as well as other BtoB IoT segments. For marketers to succeed in the new dynamic of IoT, engaging with cross-functional teams is essential to drive results.

To create a custom media program that caters to your specific needs and goals, please contact:

Simone Knaap

IoT World Today Account Director

[email protected]