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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

Most Read: Tesla’s Optimus Robot on Display, Air Taxi Company Gets Another $20M Investment

Also inside, humanoid robots are working in a BMW manufacturing plant, plus, flying taxis at the Paris Olympics

Autonomous Warehouse Robotics Startup Raises $100M

Vecna Robotics develops self-driving forklifts that customers, including FedEx, use to ferry objects around its warehouses

Shanghai Publishes First-Ever Humanoid Robot Governance Guidelines

Led by the Shanghai Law Society, the guidelines enshrine that humanoid robots need to be designed with risk and emergency response mechanisms

Humanoid Robots Work the BMW Factory Floor

The German automaker is using Figure AI’s general-purpose robots in car manufacturing

Tesla Optimus Humanoid Robot Draws Crowds at World AI Conference

Enclosed inside a glass case, Tesla’s Optimus robot drew lines of attendees eager to see the latest version