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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

ATV Maker Massimo Launches Robotic Assembly Line in Texas Facility

The robotic assembly line aims to boost production by 50%, reduce labor costs and improve worker safety

Grocery Tech Company Expands Automated Fulfillment Centers in Japan

Working with retailer Aeon, Ocado will open its third robotic-powered fulfillment warehouse in Japan by 2027

Chef Robotics Unveils Versatile AI Robot for Food Manufacturing

AI-powered robot designed to boost efficiency in large-scale food manufacturing, addressing labor shortages and reducing waste

Robotics Startup Secures $300M to Develop Foundation Models for Robots

Jeff Bezos, Amazon and SoftBank invest in Skild AI, which is developing AI models to lower the cost of training general-purpose robots

Most Read: Tesla’s Optimus Robot on Display, Air Taxi Company Gets Another $20M Investment

Also inside, humanoid robots are working in a BMW manufacturing plant, plus, flying taxis at the Paris Olympics